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Fix Up Your Finances By Using Less Fuel

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One area where a lot of us overspend is driving. With fuel prices remaining high, taking measures to cut down your fuel consumption can save you a lot of money that could be used elsewhere. Here are just a few ways that you can stop using so much fuel, save your finances and save the planet at the same time.

Drive more smoothly

Hammering on the brakes and accelerating like an F1 driver will cause you to race through those tanks of fuel. Smoothen out your driving by braking earlier and accelerating slower. You can also use up less fuel by being more precise with your gear shifts and using up less revs. Checking that your tyres are always fully pumped up can also reduce your fuel consumption.

Go electric

One way to ditch fuel altogether is to go electric. Electric cars can be pricey to purchase, but if you just need any vehicle to get around, it costs next to nothing to buy a scooter. Electric car running costs are also much better than their petrol counterparts. Electric vehicle owners dont have to pay road tax and may be able to get cheaper insurance rates. Most importantly, charging up costs much less than fuel, particularly if you have your own home charging point or if you live in a green city, where there are likely to be free charging places.

Make use of apps

There are lots of apps out there that aim to cut your fuel consumption. These apps read the rate at which you brake and accelerate, telling you how you can improve your smoothness. Meanwhile, if youre simply eager to lower costs, an app like GasBuddy can come in use for comparing the fuel prices of all nearby gas stations so that you get the best rate.

Invest in fuel-saving gadgets

A number of gadgets can help you to drive more economically. One such gadget is the eco-pedal that applies pressure against your foot when you try to accelerate hard. This can stop you revving up too much and using unnecessary amounts of fuel. Other gadgets include eco-wiper blades and driving monitors.

Cut out small journeys

If youre the type of person that uses their car to get everywhere even to go around the block to the local shop you may want to consider knocking this bad habit on the head to save you fuel. Just because you have a road vehicle doesnt mean you need to use it for everything. Walking to places locally or taking a bike could save you a lot of money on fuel and keep you fit at the same time. You may even be able to save costs on some journeys by using public transport. If you live in a city, rather than negotiating a traffic jam during rush hour, why not catch a train it could work out cheaper than the fuel you may be burning up, as well as getting you to your destination quicker.