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Interesting Careers in Criminal Justice

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Criminal justice is a field that’s often associated solely with police officers, corrections officers, or private investigators. While these are all careers available to criminal justice majors, this field also encompasses a variety of broader opportunities. If you’re interested in criminal justice, here are some interesting career choices you may want to explore.

Fish and Game Warden

If you have a passion for criminal justice, but you just can’t imagine yourself cooped up at a desk all day, this career offers just the right touch of adventure to keep you happy. Fish and game wardens can work at the state or federal level. Job duties typically include conducting surveillance, investigating violations, collecting evidence, and enforcing laws. You may also be responsible for search and rescue operations or wildlife management. This job will put your criminal justice knowledge to work for species that can’t speak for themselves.

Political Consultant


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With a passion for politics and public relations, you can enjoy a great career as a political consultant. This job puts you in the inner circle with politicians who are campaigning for office or elected to a prestigious spot. Political consultants manage media relations and communications, helping politicians send the right message to their constituents. There’s no specific degree required for this position, so you can become a political consultant with many different backgrounds.


A criminologist has an intriguing job that involves uncovering the motivations behind criminal behavior. Where a detective may uncover physical evidence, a criminologist works with the more intangible aspects of the crime. With unique insight into how the criminal mind works, a criminologist will help investigators, lawyers, and corrections officers better understand why people act the way they do.

Criminal Defense Paralegal

As a criminal defense paralegal, you will assist criminal defense attorneys in a variety of ways. This may include filing motions, making arrangements to post bail, and interviewing witnesses. This is an excellent entry-level career for someone with a criminal justice degree. It may help you decide if you want to go on and pursue law school, or get a masters degree in criminal justice to follow a different path.

Intelligence Analyst

If you love problem solving and working with complex puzzles, a career as an intelligence analyst will give you the chance to do just that for a living. Intelligence analysts can work for the FBI, National Security Agency, local law enforcement, and other departments. These professionals diligently piece together information from various sources to analyze threats, assess intentions, and solve crimes. Intelligence analysts play a critical role in keeping people safe by piecing together clues that would otherwise be overlooked.

Criminal justice is a fascinating field with a broad range of possibilities. With a degree in criminal justice, sociology, psychology, or law, you can explore these and many other intriguing careers. If you have a passion for justice and want to play an important role in the political or criminal justice system, you’ll find many that many opportunities await you when you have a solid education. This job will put your criminal justice knowledge to work for species that can’t speak for themselves. A private investigator in Santa Barbara mentioned training and experience is so important in this role.