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5 Tips for Cutting Your Business Travel Costs

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Business travel has become a common necessity for a lot of companies. With air travel being so easily accessible and increasingly affordable, there’s no reason to cut back on travelling, especially if doing so can improve your business and the work you do. However, the figures can still add up and it’s every company’s objective to lessen costs. Here are five tips for cutting your business travel costs.

1. Enlist the Services of Corporate Travel Experts

There’s a very long list of things to take care of when planning a business trip. A clever thing to do would be to get some business travel management experts, such as Corporate Traveller, to help you out. Travel managers take care of absolutely everything to do with a business trip, no matter what industry sector, and they’ll work hard to tailor packages just right for your type of business. They’ll likely have good relationships with air, accommodation and transport providers, which means they can get you the best prices, discounts, upgrades and such that are not available to regular travellers.

2. Hire a Travel Manager that Uses Benchmarking

A good travel manager will compare your needs to other clients with similar needs and follow industry standards. This will ensure you’re getting the best airfare and accommodation, along with other much-needed services, and it will be made clear exactly how your business can get long-term savings.

3. Be Smart about Travel Insurance

Many businesses leave themselves vulnerable to legal or financial risks by not adequately insuring their staff. When comparing, make sure you carefully dissect insurance policies, paying attention to levels of coverage – you don’t want to assume you’re covered for certain incidents, then discover you’re not when it’s too late. If you hire a travel manager, check if they’re proficient in their insurance knowledge.

4. Use the Same Services Every Time

If possible, try and book the same airlines, accommodation, transport or car rentals, and any other services you may need. Your travel manager will probably do this as common practice. Over time, you’ll show these companies how much business you’ve been giving them and they’ll be very likely to give you bulk discounts. Your company will save a lot in the long term!

5. Make Sure Staff Comply with Travel Policy

When away on business, it’s tempting to view it as some kind of vacation. Though not everyone will do this, some staff members may take liberties and feel like certain expenses can be on the company, which means missed savings. It may not always be intentional either, which is why it’s best you encourage compliance with travel policies, and have strategies in place for dealing with breaches.

With all this in mind, you should now have a clear idea of what you can do to cut down on your business travel costs. The lesson here is that it may be a safer option to hire professionals who can really do everything to ensure your business saves money, and your company can still enjoy all the benefits that travelling has to offer!