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An Ageing Population: What you Need to Know

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Many people are unaware of exactly how the UK population is made up, and which ages are predominantly represented.

The median age has been increasing steadily since 1985, and is set to continue increasing, with the prediction that by 2035 it will have increased to 42.2 years, up from 35.4 in 1985.

There are many different reasons for this increase, as shown by the infographic below. People are living longer, which means that they are working for longer as well.

There are many challenges for older people in employment, and they find it more difficult to get a job, which often forces them to retire when they would prefer to work.

There is the common misconception that older people are occupying jobs which are needed by young people trying to get started in their careers. This has been proven to be false however, and industries which employ people over the age of 60 often have a much higher performance as well.

While more than 20 million Brits will be over 65 within the next 30 years, there’s no reason to not see this as an opportunity instead of a burden. Older workers provide invaluable experience, and may be able to help the UK reach economic prosperity.

There are many changes happening to tackle the ageing population issues. Many people are unaware that it’s possible to have both a state pension and a personal or workplace pension, to be better prepared for retirement.

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Ideal Stairlifts - The Ageing Population (graphic)