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Top Events I’d Love To Attend Around the World

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One of the most important things you can do as a blogger (or in any business) is NETWORK!

I have become good friends with a few travel bloggers, and aside from the influx of great travel pics I get in my Facebook newsfeed, I’ve gained so much more. I have people to bounce ideas off, share new techniques with and to trade contacts with.

Without these peers, my success would be a tenth of what it is today.

I haven’t been to any conferences, ever – but I can see their value and importance.

I had actually planned to attend Pro Blogger in Australia later in the year, but unfortunately I’ll be in paradise instead.

Oh well, you win some and you lose some.

I want to get serious about blogging, making money online and growing my empire.

I know that going to a conference or two will be excellent for so many reasons.

I’ll meet new people, learn new skills and meet directly with clients – perfection!

Here are the top events I’d love to attend around the world.

1) Pro Blogger
I feel a little bitter about missing out on this as my favourite blogger, Pat Flynn, is speaking and I was ultra excited about seeing him. He changed my life. Reading his blog made me KNOW that anything was possible in the online market. I would really love to attend one and perhaps next year will be the right time for me. I would rather it not be in the Gold Coast though as it’s not really my favourite place to visit!

2) Xerocon, Sydney
Another Australian based gig – I must hear a lot about them because NZ is so close to Australia and nothing much happens in NZ. Sure, this is an accounting based conference and I’m definitely not an accountant. But the truth is, my accounting is probably the weakest part of my business. I do have an accountant, but even managing my relationships with clients, payments etc is a nightmare. I am really bad at this, as things tend to come in drips and drabs. There are heaps of great companies featuring this year, including Deputy which is a scheduling and workforce management tool that I would love to try out with my virtual staff. I think Xerocon would be great for anyone with their own business, or that is involved in directly running one.

3) TBEX – Location Varies
This is another conference I was thinking about attending this year, however the TBEX in Mexico has partnered with some companies that offer dolphin based tourism. I am not interested in swimming with captive dolphins that probably would rather be with their family in the ocean. As such, I am not going to the Athens TBEX. I know a lot of travel bloggers aren’t going because of their involvement with animals. However, I hope TBEX redeem themselves sometime soon as I would love to attend.

4) Pubcon, Las Vegas
I’ve never been to the city of sins, and I’m starting to think it is about time! Pubcon is a diverse conference that focuses on a range of topics including social media and search training. To be honest, I am pretty bad at keeping up with my SM and I am still trying to figure out SEO (but secretly, I think everyone is!). I actually have a friend who is attending this year and I would love to go, I just think it might be a bit rushed.

Have you ever attended a conference? What was it about and how did you find it? I would love to hear in the comments below