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How to Deal with Multiple Email Accounts

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As someone who works online, I’ve accumulated a lot of email accounts. This can be somewhat of a nightmare managing them. I’m getting much better than I was, but the number of emails I’d lose in the bottom of the pile was pretty outrageous. I’ve developed a few tips and tricks to help dealing with my obnoxious number of email accounts, but it took me a really long time to get here. So I’d thought I’d share the love and the tips I’ve learned along the way.

1) Archive the Emails when they’re Dealt with
In the past, my inbox resembled a teenage girl’s bedroom floor – it was littered with mess. I’ve got into the habit of going through my emails once a week and clearing out the emails that are dealt with. It’s a lot better if you can go along as you go and move them to an archive folder, but I tend to do things in batches. This means that I can easily see what emails are there and need me to deal with them.

2) Get an Email Checker for your Computer
There’s nothing worse than having more than 3 accounts and manually signing in to see if there’s any new emails. I use Gmail Notifr which is a free Mac app for your computer. It checks the emails at an interval you set (I have mine set for every 15 minutes) and pops up with a little notification onscreen for any accounts that have new emails.

3) Create User Profiles on Chrome
This is only something I’ve started using in the past few weeks, but it’s such a big help. In Google’s Chrome browser, under the settings menu there’s a section about creating user profiles. It’s very easy and it means that you can create a user profile for each separate Gmail account (and you can connect the corresponding Twitter, Facebook etc). This means that you don’t have to constantly sign and in out of Gmail accounts, you can simply flip between them. Much, much easier!

4) Hire Someone else to Manage your Emails
Most of my emails are sent during the UK working day, which means most of the time I’m fast asleep. This is a very inefficient way to deal with clients, as it means it can take almost a week to organise a deal. I’ve gone ahead and hired a General Virtual Assistant to take over managing my emails for me, so that I can focus on making new projects. I’ve written a post on How to Hire a Virtual Assistant, feel free to check it out.

5) Use Boomerang to Monitor Emails
Boomerage is a great service that works with Gmail accounts to remind you when an email hasn’t received a reply. This is great for ensuring you follow up with clients if they’ve promised you deals, or if you’re trying to get a new deal out of a new client. You can set when the email will boomerang back to you (bounce back to you) if the client hasn’t replied, so you can make it in a day, a week, a month or even a year! You can also use Boomerang to set emails to send at a specific time, which is great if you want to send the email to land on your client’s desk at 9am on Monday morning, for example. Boomerang does cost $5 per month, but there’s a generous trial which you can use to test it out.

Dealing with multiple email accounts can be a nightmare if you don’t have any good systems in place. The truth is, if your emails are poorly organised you can actually miss out on business which will cost you money!

Do you have any tips for dealing with multiple email accounts? How many email accounts do you regularly use?