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How Meal Replacement Shakes can Help you Lose Weight

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If you’re like most people, you probably need to lose some weight. And you’ve probably tried to lose the weight multiple times, only to end up heavier than ever. The problem is our sedentary lifestyle, the prevalence of junk food, and the fact that it’s so much harder to lose weight than it is to put it on.

If you haven’t tried meal replacement shakes, you’ve been missing out. These shakes have been a staple for celebrities and people around the world who want to lose weight without changing their lifestyle.

When we think about losing weight, we often have many different ideas about how weight loss works. And this is largely due to women’s magazines, websites and seeing celebrities drop pounds in just a few days.

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Many people assume that in order to lose weight we need to spend hours sweating at the gym. While there are many benefits of exercise, including toning your muscles, increasing your cardiovascular health, and feeling better about yourself, weight loss is something which rarely happens through exercise alone. This is because the calories we lose exercising are often replaced when we feel starving after our workout. And many people get into the mindset that they’ve worked out that day so they deserve a “cheat meal” often eating more than they’ve burned off.

In fact, most people far overestimate the amount of calories they burn through exercise. It turns out that what we’re putting in our mouths has a much greater effect on our waistlines than anything else. Of course, in order to lose weight and tone up, those who want to see the quickest results will incorporate exercise in their diet, but it shouldn’t be the only answer.

We all know that in order to safely lose weight we should be aiming for one to two pounds per week. That works out to a calorie deficit of around 500 calories per day, and this is where meal replacement shakes come in. These shakes have between 200 and 500 calories each, which is less than a meal, yet have enough protein, vitamins and minerals to leave you feeling satisfied and energetic.


One of the reasons why people who lose weight with meal replacement shakes are so successful is because of the convenience. While many eating plans and diets have you preparing multiple meals each day, meal replacement shakes are easy to grab on the run, meaning you can focus on the rest of your day and not what you’ll be eating next.

For those who are fussy eaters, meal replacement shakes are usually remarkably tasty. Most come in different flavours, and you simply add water or low-fat milk to the powder, give it a shake and drink.

Since you can replace up to two meals a day, you’ll just have one meal and a few snacks to worry about. And when it’s time for maintenance, you can substitute one meal a day or every couple of days to ensure you’re keeping your new body under control. Pu-erh Tea is also a popular option for those who are aiming to detox and have a tasty treat during the day.