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Sell Up Without Using An Estate Agent

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While the property market seems to be soaring again, it still seems that it is the buyers who have the better deal, and not the sellers. This is because selling a house is incredibly hard. You could have a gorgeous home in one of the most desirable areas with a selection of great schools nearby, and youll still see your house sit on the market for months, and possibly even years.

This suits sellers because it gives them a better pick of houses and a better hand when it comes to negotiating the sale price. How? Well, the longer a house is on the market, the more it costs a seller, the more frustrated they will get and thus the more likely they will be to accept a lower offer. It is simple psychology.

That is why it is always worth looking at alternative ways of selling you house. Look at ways you can get a little creative with the process and encourage your home to sell that bit quicker. What have you got to lose?

Put It Up For Auction

This is such an attractive proposition for a homeowner wanting to sell because it gives them a sense of excitement, control, and guarantee. Were not guaranteeing your home will sell, which one of the negatives. But putting your home up for auction means that you can set a reserve price and, should someone go above that reserve, you are guaranteed a speedy sale. That is because the buyer is – more often than not – required to put a 10% deposit down on the house immediately after the hammer falls and then give you the remaining 90% within a month. That is a pretty speedy way to go about selling a house.

Cash Buy Specialists

Selling to a cash offer specialist is a fantastic way to get your property off the market in the most timely manner possible. Of course, many sellers are concerned that they take a big financial hit in the sense that offers are typically around 80% of the market value, but the experts at explain that the financial hit is not as big as many would suggest. That is because a seller isnt having to spend money to keep a property on the market that doesnt sell, or cough up as many agency fees, or risk losing their strong negotiating position or have to spend a fortune on home renovations that will attract a buyer. Instead, they can get a quick sale and continue onto the next chapter in their lives.

Employ Your Neighbors

This may seem like a truly insane tactic, but it could be one of the most effective ways of selling your home. As such, hold an open-house, but one that is exclusively for your neighbors. Not only will this peak the interest of those around you, but it could well get them thinking and indeed talking. They will start to consider people they know looking for a house. So, to encourage this, why not offer a $350 bonus to anyone that can bring you a buyer. This will see lips move. They will get on the phone and post things on Facebook and encourage their friends to look at moving in next-door. This will see you have twenty to thirty salespeople – and not just one realtor – on the case.