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Value Boosting Home Improvements That Buyers Love

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When youre ready to sell your home and move on, the last thing you need is having it stuck on the market for weeks. Maybe youre not getting much interest or perhaps are not being offered the asking price, either way, its annoying when you want to just get rid of it and move on. If this has happened, one of the best things you can do is put some cash back into the property. It might feel like the last thing you want to do, but it could hugely boost the value and get it sold quicker too. Here are a few places you could put your money.

Repair Anything Thats Broken

Any areas of disrepair around the property will instantly bring down the price which buyers are willing to pay. Even small issues like cracks and chipped tiles can make a huge difference as buyers will see these as potentially expensive to fix. Ensure everything is to a good standard, spend some time sorting wonky doors, squeaky stairs, wobbly taps or anything else a buyer will pick up on. Get a handyman out if youre not much of a DIYer who should be able to tackle most jobs.

Paint It Neutral

Neutrals are a safe bet as theyre inoffensive and appeal to just about everyone. You make your property look spacious and bright, and arent distracting anyone with bold color. It makes a home look move in ready which buyers are willing to pay extra for, and they know that theyre not going to have to spend a lot of money decorating. Go with white, magnolia or a very light grey.


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Focus on Flooring

As well as neutral walls, neutral floors are a smart move and will appeal to buyers as well as boost value. Upstairs plain, neutral carpets that match the wall color you have chosen will be best. Downstairs go for something hard-wearing: wood and natural stone both work well. Marble, granite and limestone tiles all look luxurious. Buyers love them because they suit any decor, are easy to clean and are very long lasting. You could even go a step further and have underfloor heating fitted. Just make sure its suitable for use with the floor you have chosen.

Make It Eco-Friendly

Modern buyers love eco-friendly homes. Not only does it allow them to do their bit for the environment but it also allows them to save money too. Solar panels for example can often be fitted cheaply or free due to government initiatives, or even paying for them outright could be worth it due to how much value will be added to your property. You could check out information on a loan if you dont have the cash up front, once you sell your house you will be able to clear the balance anyway. Updating the windows and doors for energy efficient models would boost value too, especially if your windows are already due an upgrade.

Improve the Fixtures and Fittings

Your fixtures and fittings are a design element that buyers wont overlook. They can make your property look much more luxurious, even simple things like switching white plastic sockets and switches for metal ones can make all the difference. Make sure all the handles on your internal doors match and choose curtain poles and other fixtures in the same color metal. It could be stainless steel, brushed steel, a darker black metal, brass or copper. These small touches help to make your home look cohesive and nicely thought out.