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A Step by Step Guide to Building your Dream Home

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Building your own home is not something that should be taken lightly. After all, there are so many things for you to take into consideration and there are also so many expenses that you might not be aware of either. If you are not sure if building your own home is a good idea or if you want to make sure that you do everything you can to know the whole process before you get started then this is the guide for you.

Why Build your Own Home?

The main reason why a lot of people choose to build their own home is because it means that you get the property of your dreams while saving up to 40% of what you’d spend if you went through the real estate market. When you build your own home, you essentially have complete freedom when it comes to features such as underfloor heating, pools and even air conditioning. You’ll also find that features such as this are much cheaper to install in a property that is being built when compared to a property that is already finished, due to the fact that nothing needs to be taken out, adjusted or removed in order to facilitate the installation.


Your Budget

So now you know how building your own home could have its benefits, it’s time to work out your budget. The cost of building your own home can easily spiral out of control if you don’t stay realistic. You have to make sure that you research the cost of the land and any architect fees as well. By looking up land for sale in your area, you can then make sure that the drainage is suitable and you can also make sure that you know if the land is going to be compromised by any future developments as well. Other things that you need to consider is the cost for the builders, the fittings and the materials to build the property frame.

Think about it, can you afford this while paying the rent for your existing property? If not, consider getting a loan or even a mortgage that allows you to build your own property if certain conditions are met. This is how most people are able to build their own property without any major issues.

Self-Build Mortgages

When you take a look at self-build mortgages, you’ll soon find that they are at a much higher rate when compared to standard mortgages. You will also have to have a deposit that you will pay up-front and this will be done before any lender will be willing to give you anything. When you do take out a self-build mortgage you will actually be given your money in stages and this will change how much you can borrow. You will then be able to buy the land, pay the labour and the materials as you progress through your build. It is very common for self-build mortgages to vary depending on the value of your home and the loan that you need. It’s more than common for you to be able to borrow 75% of the cost for the land and then 85% for the total build. The rest of the money, you will have to put up yourself.


Your choice of land will really be dependent on the budget that you have and the land that is available. You will want to look at the property websites that are available to service your area and you will also want to check land auctions as well to see if you can get anything cheaper. If you do see land that you are really interested in then it is worth checking with the owner to find out if it is available for you to purchase.

Choosing the Right Area

There is a very high chance that you will already have a rough idea of where you want to live,

but it is also good for you to do your research as well. You’ll want to make sure that you research the crime in an area and you will also want to try and make sure that you investigate how you are going to go back and forth from work as well. Rail and bus services should be your main consideration. If you were to lose your car, would you be able to still get to work? Things like this can really help you to decide whether or not you should build or buy your own home.


There aren’t many benefits to having a huge piece of land if you can’t actually access it. Before you buy a property or even a piece of land, you have to make sure that you can drive onto the site with ease or else you may end up having to pay so that you can have the right of way for someone else’s land. You also need to check to see if the land is going to be flood resistant and even if it is close to a large road or a rail line. Other things that you need to check include whether or not the land is a public right of way or whether the plot is big enough for your land.

This will all help you to get a good idea of whether or not the land is worth the money and it is a great way for you to know if you are actually making the right decision as well.

Planning Permission

When you don’t have planning permission, you don’t actually have the right to start your construction at all. This essentially means that the council has the right to tear down your house at any point. You need to make sure that you check your planning permission regularly because if you don’t then you could find yourself in a very sticky situation in the future.

So it’s very easy for you to build your own home and when you have everything in place, it is very easy for you to go on to get the best result out of your construction.