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Building Your Dream: The Do’s and Don’t’s of House Design

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If you have the money and the creativity, there is nothing more satisfying than building your dream house. It is the perfect opportunity to create something that is more than just a thing: it is where you will live, where you will achieve and where you will be happiest. A house is not just a building and when you design and build your own, it becomes a legacy not just to your family, but to the landscape you have changed.

When you have the opportunity to build, you also have the opportunity to do things differently. Unlike your previous homes, where the investment value of the property was as important as the location and the functionality of the building, when you build you own, you don’t need to worry about negative equity as you are planning to live here for as long as possible and well into retirement.

Build Your Dream

Ask anyone what they want in their dream home and they will tell you the same three things: light, space and joy. These things all mean different things to different people, but they should all be at the very heart of your design. To achieve the best possible house you should choose an architect who will be able to deliver your dreams on cost and on time. A home builder like McCollough Homes could be just what you are looking for as they deliver from location to floorplan.

Manage Every Single Cost

Over the course of the build, you are almost guaranteed to find that costs will go up. Even if you have a fixed cost budget with your builder, unexpected delays or problems may add to your bill.

The best thing to do is to intend to spend about 10% less than your budget will really allow. This 10% shouldn’t be used at all unless it is vital for the progression of the building work. You should also make sure that you shop around for materials and bear in mind that you aren’t just paying for a shell, you will also need utilities, furniture and finishes to make the house livable.

There’s No Accounting for Taste

What you build and how you choose to decorate your self-build is entirely up to you. Whether you choose something completely wild or intensely minimalist, this house – this whole house – is for you specifically. Now is the time to really express your personality and tastes. If you want an avocado bathroom suite, get one. If you want a large glazed wall giving you amazing views, build it. If you want a secret door hidden behind a bookcase like on Scooby Doo, now is your chance to do it.

Despite what fashion magazines would have you believe there really is no accounting for taste which essentially means that if you like it then that’s what you should have. The joy of being a self-builder is achieving exactly what you want, not what a developer has deemed wanted. Take this opportunity with both hands and make the house yours.