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What To Look For In A Landlord

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There are lots of reasons for choosing to rent a property rather than buy. You might be saving up to buy a property, or simply waiting to move to a different city. Of course, it is sometimes simply easier to rent rather than dealing with all the hassles of homeownership. When youre looking for the right real estate that could make the perfect home for you, dont forget to check out the landlord as well.

Many landlords are individuals that are renting out a home they themselves used to live in. This means they are quite attached to the property. Does this put extra pressure on you to take good care of it? Probably. But if you naturally come across as someone who is tidy and clean, then you might have an advantage over other tenant applicants. Building a good rapport with an individual like this might discourage them from raising the rent each year too!

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If you use a real estate agent to help you find that perfect property, chances are youll never meet the owner of the place. There are pros and cons to this. The biggest pro is that the agency is responsible for making sure your home is repaired and maintained as required. The downside is that you are paying for that extra level of landlord service or middle-man in the deal.

Your third option is to use a business that owns the property youre interested in and manages their own tenancy. Companies like this are often called rental businesses and can have tens of thousands of properties on their books. There are many benefits from dealing with companies like this. Some, like Invitation Homes, are big enough that you might be able to move from town to town yet still keep the same landlord. With central contacts and professional approaches, you know to expect a certain quality of service.

Landlords should have a commitment to their tenants. Of course, theyre in it for a profit. The property is their investment, and they want to see a return. But it is financially beneficial to them to keep you happy. Youll stay with them for longer, saving them the cost of advertising for a new tenant. In some states, you can access records about the landlord. Of course, you can always check them out on social media too! Theyll be checking youre a good bet so you should do the same.

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Choosing landlords that have many properties can also give you far more choice. You might prefer to be in the city and close to work right now. Youll obviously pay a small premium on your rent to do that. But when youre ready to come away from the hustle and bustle, a larger landlord might be happy to move you to a suburb property they own. This might be without penalty or additional charge, even within a contract term. Check if your preferred landlord would do this for you.

Most tenants look at homes they rent as temporary. Landlords would prefer you didnt. Look for the landlord that offers you the most flexibility and choice. Happy moving.