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Sell An Idea, Not A Home

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Buying a home is a big decision with a lot of practicalities to consider that can really decide how easy or difficult it is to live in a house. But if youre selling based purely on practicality then youre doing it wrong. If youve bought a house, think back to that time and think back to the emotions of it all. Now is the time to make use of them. You need to sell more than a home.

Sell convenience

Location, location, location. Its one of the biggest deciding factors in the value of a home. But why? If you can answer that in any listings or home viewings you give, then you can get to the heart of what people need from a home. They need to know whats around it, whether they live in a friendly or hostile environment, whether theyre close to schools and commercial areas. They even want to know if the area itself adds any prestige to the home which then reflects well on them.

Sell romanticism

When you have plenty of money to throw around, its the romantic appeal of the home that adds to it. For instance, if youre selling rustic, nature-surrounded properties, then looking at cabins for sale can show you that its the aesthetic of nature and of a simpler life that draws the most interested customers. Just as if youre selling a coastal property, its as much about selling the beach as it is about selling the home. You need to grab them by the emotional roots.

Sell a lifestyle

Thats not to say that you cant ignore the realities of the home itself. Dont listen to the old faux pas that having a home decorated can put people off because theyre seeing a style they dont like. Staging a home sets a hypothetical scene. It shows people how they could enjoy their new property. For instance, it could show a fairly inoffensive yet still impressive entertainment system set-up in a living room. You wont always give people a glimpse of the lifestyle they want, but you can show them the sheer potential the property has.

Sell to the senses

If we think that buying with our emotions is illogical, then buying based on the experience of our senses alone should be downright nonsensical. But play to a persons senses and you create an emotional imprint they might not be thoroughly aware of. This is why keeping a garden gorgeous is essential to getting the best deal for your home. Its also why any bad lingering smells, even if theyre temporary, can put someone off a home. It might not be the most comprehensive way to judge a home. But it is certainly a big deciding factor for a lot of buyers, so take advantage of that fact.

Its marketing 101. Never sell just the product. Dig deep and find the hidden value of the product. A good house has a lot more hidden value as well as some very shallow surface level value that can help you get a great deal.