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The Sky Is The Limit, Not Your Grades

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From an early age, were told that the grades we get determine our futures. We have pop quizzes from the time we start school. As we get older, things get more serious. We have diplomas and SAT tests to revise for. And, the whole time, we have teachers telling us that this is make or break. No redos, no get out jail free cards. If we do badly when were young, well do badly forever. But, is that the right message to be sending to the younger generation? And, is it even true? We dont think so. If you dont get the grades you need to do the job you desire, you simply need to reassess. Heres how.


So, you wanted to be a doctor but failed your entrance exam? Or, perhaps you didnt meet the requirements for your course. Thats no reason to sit back and accept failure. One thing you could do is find another way into your chosen career. Being a doctor is not the only healthcare profession you could choose. Theres always nursing, or management. What is a degree in health care management? Its a way into the admin side of healthcare. This will be perfect if your main motivation is wanting to help people. You would still be on the front line, ensuring people got the care they needed. Only, you wouldnt be the one administering it. You never know, after starting a course, you may find that this option suits you better.


There are night courses in most subjects. If you were a few marks short of your desired grades, you could always do an evening course on that subject. Theres no denying that this is extra money and effort. But, your dream career is worth it. If anyone told you there were no redos, they were wrong. Theres an endless amount of redos if youre willing to put the work in. Taking your future into your hands like this can also give you a real boost. If youre not willing to commit, it may be that you didnt want that career as much as you thought.


Dont forget that you can always start a business of your own. Of course, you will need qualifications for some things. You couldnt set up alone and call yourself a doctor. But, if the business world most interests you, then you should go for it. You dont need business degrees to make things work. They may help when applying for jobs, but nobodys going to care if youre doing it yourself.


Theres no denying that the road isnt going to be easy. You may come up against obstacles at every turn. And, dont forget those people who make you feel like you have no chance of achieving your goals. In truth, though, its not grades that shape your future. Its determination. If you dont give up on your dream, chances are youll achieve it one day.