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City Centre Vs Suburb- What do you Get?

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When it comes to property investment, as the saying going, location is everything. So when considering whether to buy in the city centre or the suburbs, it is not always easy to know which is the best way to go. Here is our simple break down of what to consider when choosing a location for your next or first city property investment.


So investment wise, obviously city centre properties are always going to be highly desirable. However not everyone wants to live smack bang in the middle of a city so there is also real value in properties close to the city centre, but not directly in the heart of it. Therefore as long as your chosen apartment or home is no longer than a 20 minute commute into the city centre there is nothing to say that it cant be a fantastic city investment.

If the property is anything more than a 30 minute commute it will probably not be considered a part of that city and may be pushed into a different property category, as a part of a surrounding town or village, rather than a suburban property.

The fact that suburban apartments offer the best of both worlds, like these apartments just on the fringes of the city centre, they offer a really good balance between city life and still having that feeling of having a closer knit community around you. This is incredibly desirable to many investors so it is a very important facet to consider when looking at your ideal city dwellings.


The difference between the city centre and the suburbs is all about the difference in lifestyle. There are many people that thrive off the hustle and bustle of a busy downtown area and there are some that feel highly stressed surrounded by all that noise and chaos, for anything more than eight hours a day. Therefore there are many people that literally cant wait to retreat to the city outskirts to more relaxed and quieter areas where they can feel more rested and relaxed.

Many people like the fact that the suburbs are usually on the brink of the countryside. The city outskirts are usually a mere hop, skip and a jump away from much more relaxing environments that are super simple to escape to at the weekends and in the evenings. Sometimes a venture out to the countryside can seem a long way away to those living right in the heart of the city. Whereas for people living in the suburbs it can feel more easier to just slip away into the country for a few hours here and there.

So in terms of lifestyle, the preference between the city centre and the suburbs falls largely down to individual personality. So if you are unsure about the location of your next move, you should really think hard about the most important elements of the area that you live and what sort of environment you think will suit you best at this stage of your life, taking into consideration the demands of your day to day life.