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Choosing a Flooring On a Budget

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Whether you’ve just moved into your first home or are looking to give your existing home a makeover, flooring is a good place to start. Decorating your home is not going to be cheap, so make sure that you’re prepared for that! Flooring is likely to be the most expensive aspect of doing up your home but there’s always ways you can economise. Installing a new floor can massively change the look and feel of your room even before you’ve painted the walls or introduced new furniture.

Make sure you know how much you need before buying

A lot of us end up ordering more than we need and therefore spending more and ending up with unwanted scraps. Of course, wastage does depend on what flooring you’ve got, for example real wood flooring can be made into a feature wall or furniture. Don’t waste your money and measure carefully! Equally, this works the other way too and you don’t want a nasty shock and find that you’ve not got enough. Look at offers too, most shops offer bundle discounts.

Quality over price

It’s a fact of life that cheaper products don’t last as long or aren’t as good quality as dearer ones, no matter how tempting the price tag is. Even if you spend more on better quality vinyl, then we can say that it nearly always pays off. You might be thankful for it a few years down the line where it still looks good as new!


The most effective way to save your money is to look at more affordable alternatives to your preferred choice. This is most obvious with those of you who are wanting to buy solid wood. Have you considered vinyl or laminate as alternative options? Both of them replicate real wood very convincingly but at a cheaper price and easier maintenance.

Do it yourself

If you’re keen on DIY, then fitting your flooring yourself is the obvious way to save the pennies. Opt for a floor that has a simple installation method so you don’t have to hire a fitter.