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How to Have a Perfect Employee Onboarding Process

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As a business if you want to ensure that you have an effective onboarding process, then you need to make sure that you plan ahead. Having a strong onboarding process is the best way to welcome, and retain, new employees. Some people are saying that HR has a new secret too, so it would be worth seeing if you can find that to help you with onboarding.

 So how do you have the perfect employee onboarding process? Other then planning ahead you need to think about things from your employee’s point of view. As a new hire they are going to be nervous so what can you do to help them?

Well, if you think about it there is plenty. Thanks to technology you can easily help calm their nerves even before they start, you can even make use of things like onboarding buddies once they have joined your company, so as you can see there is plenty to do. You just need to make sure that you plan properly, during the hiring process, before they join and after they join are all key times to helping you have a perfect employee onboarding process. 

During the Hiring Process

Employers often make the mistake of keeping onboarding, but actually they should be considered together, as their edges do blur. This is because the new people that you are hiring will get their first impression of what the company is like during this hiring process. They can get to know what the company is after, what their goals are, what they want to achieve all before they’ve even started a job with them. 

This is why it is important to make sure that you write a clear job description, tell candidates how you structure your hiring process; follow up early and often during each stage of the hiring process, make sure to give them your full attention during the interviews and make sure to give them the full information that they require. This can be about you are asking them that you will need a reference, or that you require to do a background check.

Before Your Employee’s First Day

Before your new employee’s first day you will probably find that they are terrified, so it’s best to make sure that you can ease this process for them (even before they start working for you). When you original agree that you want them to work with you, then make sure to send an enthusiastic offer letter, that has a warm tone and is encouraging them about their new adventure. Make sure to include the relevant benefit details and contact details should they need them.

You will also want to make sure that you set a start date with them, and then share that with the rest of your team. Don’t expect them to start straightaway as they will need to finish some projects with their previous job, so you need to be happy to wait should they need to finish their original projects. And lastly, to make things easier for them before they arrive, make sure to set up any emails, computer, etc, for them. You don’t want to make them wait when they start. 

After Your Employee’s First Day

When an employee has settled in after their first day (make sure you offer constant guidance and support for this), you can be feeling pleased with yourself, that your new hire has settled in nicely. However, even after a few weeks, or even months it’s still important to check up with your new hire and see how they are doing. Do they have any concerns or questions? Is there something that they might like to suggest that could help the business?

Of course, they might say that they love the job and that everything is perfect. This is what all business owners want. However, it is still important just to double check these things and make sure that they are actually okay.