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Backyard Swimming Pool Remodelling Ideas To Render a Personal Touch

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Considering renovating your backyard pool? Ready to transform your private swimming pool from being just functional to fabulous?

Let’s face it: diving into the pool provides not only an instant relief from scorching heat & humid summer but it is also an enthralling means to unhook from daily life stresses & worries.

But, if you see your pool as more of functional space — take a few laps and come indoors, not something exciting to the eyes  — then, it’s time to add some makeover magic. 

The easiest way to breathe new life into your patio pool is by lending a personal touch. With this mind, we’ve curated a list of fantastic backyard pool ideas in 2020: 

#1. Save Money, Gain Peace of Mind & Enjoy Greater Convenience With An Automated Pool Cover

Investing in an automatic retractable pool cover delivers a variety of benefits. These include great convenience, pool cleanliness, safety, energy-efficiency, and water conservation. Above all, an automated pool cover is an excellent way to unveil the pool in grand style.

With just a single push of button or turn of a key, the cover retracts and rolls up, appearing & disappearing at your wish. Apart from adding a layer of safety, pool enclosures come in a wide array of styles & sizes to complement pools of all types. 

You can also consider glass enclosures that add another layer of elegance in your landscape. 

#2. Upgrade to Bright & Energy-Efficient LED Lights

Yes, there are lights around your pool. But, if they are conventional lights, then you are not doing justice to your private pool, therefore, replace them with LED lights. 

The exciting range of colors and patterns will jazz up the whole ambiance. Have enough lumens to create magnificent pattern colors to paint your pool. 

You can render a personal touch by picking colors as per your liking, be it the red-purple, blue, or green, create a fusion of colors to create an elegant atmosphere. 

Underwater lighting with LED lights will present all the glitz and glam to your backyard pool. Don’t forget to install a logic controller for fine-tuning the intensity of the color. 

#3. It’s Time To Replace Pool Finishing

Once you’ve changed the lighting, the next thing to mull over is the pool finishing. If you want your private pool to be luxurious and aesthetically appealing, then replace the deteriorated surface with one of the popular fabulous finishing options, which include custom colored tiles, pebble and stones. 

The finishes are available in a spectrum of shades, you can pick anything that perfectly suits your lifestyle or select a shade that matches your house’s exteriors. 

If you are not really sure which pool finish is ideally suited for your needs, it is advisable to speak to a qualified pool specialist.

#4. Add Shade For Poolside Relaxation

A shady spot around your pool is like a paradise when taking a break from swimming. It will provide great relief and protection from the direct rays of the sun on warmer days. Here, are several options to add shade to poolside:

  • Pergolas: From classic to modern, there is a spectrum of pergolas styles. You can either go with a retractable canopy, wooden slats or you can create a living roof.
  • Umbrellas: Put wheels in the stand to make the umbrellas mobile to move around the pool. These are available in several patterns and colors.
  • Shade Sails: These are pocket-friendly ways to add shade quickly. Before buying one, make sure there is something at your poolside to tie it. 

The Bottom Line

There are endless swimming pool renovating ideas. It depends upon what you want to add in and around your backyard pool, and most importantly, your budget. So, weigh your options to make some smart investments.

If you’ve anything to add to this list, share with us in the comment section below: