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Making A Change When Money Can’t Buy Happiness

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There is nothing worse than having a job you hate. You fall out of bed, throw the alarm clock at the wall, and begin the daily commute to work with a sick feeling in your stomach. If your job is boring, repetitive, and offers no meaning to your life or the lives of others, despite the good pay, it may be time to leave and do something else.

If you want fulfillment at work, then consider a job where you can explore the things you’re are passionate about, or find a career where you can be rewarded by helping others. You may not earn as much as you currently do, depending on your position, but it is good to remind yourself that money is not the root of all happiness.

If your energy is drained because of a high-profile job, with long hours and too much travel, it will not be good for your mental health. Relationships will suffer at home and work if you lose sight of yourself, so it is important to find the things that make you believe in yourself again.

Whatever the financial worth, here are a few options to get you thinking about your next stage in life.


Seeing somebody learn something new because of your input can be highly rewarding. Whether you decide to work with very young children, teenagers or adults, being able to shape someone’s mind for the better will also shape the future of our society. Also, the profession is a great place to put your skills into practice, be they academic with mathematics, for example, or practical such as music, drama, and sport.

A teacher helps somebody achieve their full potential and knowing you have made a difference will help you sleep better at night.


There are many avenues to explore in this field, from general nursing to working in specific areas such as disability and children. You could end up working in hospitals, hospices or peoples homes.

We all know how awful it is to be ill, and being in a hospital or any medical facility can be a frightening and confusing experience. You can make a difference, being there to provide the care your patients need, and offering kind, reassuring words of comfort.


Counselors are employed in all walks of life, including schools, hospitals and rehabilitation clinics. They provide a listening ear and offer strategies for dealing with grief, marriage problems, substance abuse and mental health. There are specialist courses available, including the masters in mental health counseling online accredited course, that can pave the way for this new career.

Creative pursuits

Leaving a job to finally begin writing that novel you have always dreamed, or becoming a musician, is a risky proposition. However, if you could survive on a part-time salary, then maybe it is time to put your creative juices to work. In the long term, you may become famous anyway, and earn more than you do now.