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Top Tips For Saving Money While Travelling

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You’ve stepped off the airplane and landed at your destination. Finally, the trip you’ve been working towards has finally arrived. Now that you’re there, you’re also probably eager to kick off your new adventure or relaxing holiday. From sightseeing to shopping, your time spent away will most certainly require some spending.

While how much you spend will depend on what you decide to do during your time away, it’s likely that you’ll still want to save a pretty penny where you can. It’s very important to be smart about your travel funds, whether it’s having a short island vacation away, or solo-backpacking your way across Europe for the next several months. So, here are some of our top tips for saving your money while travelling:

Budget beforehand

Before you go ahead and spend all your pocket money in the first few days, you should probably come up with a game plan to make sure your savings last the mile. It’s advised to have a look into how much you might need well before going away and saving up based on this estimation. It may be an obvious one, but it’s nevertheless important (especially as it certainly won’t be fun running out of money halfway through your trip). You can also try something like setting yourself a daily budget, such as $50 per day, as well as dedicating some of your savings as an emergency fund. Whatever you don’t spend at the end, treat yourself to something at duty free or use to pay off any travel debts you may have.

Do all the free stuff

Many places around the world have plenty of things you can do and see absolutely for FREE. You could catch a lively street parade, go for a scenic walk in the park or simply take stroll down the street and enjoy an entertaining performance by a street busker. There are even attractions, like museums, churches and historical sites, in some locations that don’t require an entry fee at all. Be sure to look them up and take advantage of all the free stuff as much as you can!

Take the cheapest mode of transportation

It’s likely that your main way of getting around another country will be public transportation.

Many countries offer efficient bus, train and subway lines, which will be your best options. Research the transport at your destination/s and grab yourself a bus/train/rail pass, to get the most value out of your travel. Depending on where you are you may also be able to hire a bike and ride yourself around. This might not only save you money, but give you a bit of a healthy work out too. Last but not least, you can always walk its completely free! Walking will also provide you with some light exercise and a  chance to take in your wonderful new surroundings or bond with individuals you come across.

Always look for deals, vouchers and discounts

There is always an abundance of deals, vouchers and discounts available to travellers, but you’ve got to keep an eye out for them. You can grab some of these beforehand, such as in a flight + accommodation package or travel tour. If you’re a family or student or so on, you also might be eligible for a discounted rate in some areas or activities. Some of the best advice on getting a deal may come from locals or friends & families who have visited before, so go on and ask them! Remember that some countries it’s also common practice to engage in bargaining, such as at a marketplace.

Bring what you can

We sometimes tend to forget that we already have some of the things we need before travelling. So instead of buying your personal hygiene kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, sunblock etc) why not just put them in a spill proof container and bring them wherever you go, not only you have saved money but also made sure you got your basics ready and travelling doesn’t give you an excuse to forget taking care of yourself nor your skin, for easy travel beauty fix, use the Image Skincare Vital C Hydrating Repair Creme for your travelling beauty routine!