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From Blogger To Entrepreneur: 10 Tips To Turn Your Hobby Into A Business

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Launching a blog has never been easier, and the internet now boasts millions of websites managed by casual bloggers. Blogging is a great way for audiences to read real views from real people. And it’s also the perfect platform for creatives to express their opinions and advice. But what if you want to turn this passion into a career?

Thousands of people like you have turned their hobby into their full-time careers. Becoming a professional blogger is an achievable target for you too.   

The rewards of turning that dream into a reality are clear for everyone. Not only is it a career path that offers immense control over your fate, but it can also open up doors to far greater financial benefits. Follow these 10 simple tricks below to give your blogging business the best chance of turning your platform into a genuine business.   

#1. Keep Developing Your Writing Style

When turning the blog into a commercial venture, it’s important to turn the focus of your attentions to your audience. Nevertheless, it’s equally vital to express opinions and advice in a way that resonates with the reader.   

The best way to improve your craft is to keep writing; as they say, practice makes perfect. Still, taking the time to understand what makes a compelling blog post will put you a far smoother pathway for success.

Your blog is still a platform for you to express your creativity and passion, and that’s exactly what your readers are looking for. Ultimately, you can’t expect others to buy into the project if you don’t even love it yourself. Find the balance between your personal preferences and the needs of your readers, and you should be just fine.

#2. Diversify Your Content   

First and foremost, your readers want to be given provided with insight into their favourite topics and passions. Letting that personality shine through at all times is imperative. This is especially true as you cannot compete with the global news giants when it comes to breaking headline stories. Your content is about offering something unique, but the presentation is equally vital. So do not forget it.

Getting creative with additional forms of content won’t only impress your readers. It’s also a great way to maintain a sense of enjoyment and variety in your work too. Whether it’s creating video content, infographics or audio doesn’t matter. If it helps you cast your nets further afield, it has to be a positive step for your growing business.

That content can often be far easier to digest for visitors too, particularly if English isn’t their first language. If nothing else, the viral nature of those new media forms will often help the blog reach new clients too.

#3. Connect With Audiences

One of the chief factors behind the growing popularity of blogs in general is that users feel more connected to those writers. Firstly, this is due to the style of writing and the type of content coverage. However, this isn’t the only way for your business to achieve that connection.

Blogging is a very social form of writing, particularly compared to traditional journalism. Working in an online environment offers a 24/7 stream of communication and participation from the audience. Embracing this through social media, as well as the comments section of the blog can encourage far greater interaction.

When readers play a more active role in the growth of your business, they’ll be far more likely to keep coming back on a regular basis. Furthermore, their increased love of your blog will often see them tell others about it too.

#4. Perfect Branding & Design

Appearances count for a lot in business, especially when dealing with demanding online audiences. A poorly designed website could ruin your hopes of converting new visitors into long-term readers. Therefore, upgrading the layout of your page is key.

A carefully considered colour scheme can certainly help. However, navigation is the most important issue from the user’s perspective. Opting for a professional WordPress theme can overcome many of the issues that you may face. Just remember to use tags, categories, and other aspects in the right manner.

If your blog is going to evolve into a respectable business, you need to give it a brand identity too. Logos and other design aspects are crucial. Most importantly, though, you should employ a level of consistency so that readers know exactly what to expect from your platform.

#5. Become Bigger & Better

When it’s a hobby, there is nothing wrong with working from your bedroom. But if you want it to become a proper business, your work needs to be completed in an appropriate manner. Perhaps most importantly, you need to know that readers will be provided with a regular stream of content. As such, taking on extra writers is key.

When you look at Bleacher Report and others that made millions, they all progressed to the point of having a physical office with employees. As an online venture, though, it’s vital that your online communications are working as expected. An IT outsourcing company can be a life-saver, especially if you aren’t overly competent in the technical side of computer systems. Moreover, having experts on the job at all time will ensure that your website doesn’t encounter regular downtime. ntime.

Meanwhile, you need to look at ways to make the blog gain a sense of grandeur. Whether it’s launching an App or another product to increase your reach, it could be crucial for turning the platform into a commercial success.

#6. Team Up With Others

Hiring writers, tech experts, and other staff will certainly make the business feel more professional. However, direct staff members aren’t the only people who can aid the expansion of your venture.

As an inexperienced entrepreneur, you could easily fall into the trap of thinking every other business is a threat. In reality, working with other bloggers and professionals could be the ideal way to increase the quality of your content. It will also help gain increased excitement from new and existing clients.

As they say; two heads are better than one. Just make sure that any partnership you enter brings benefits for you as well as them.

#7. Improve Revenue Factors

Creating a better platform that gets seen by more people will give you a far better chance of turning your blog into a profitable venture. However, those elements will remain redundant unless you know how to actively generate money. Quite frankly, simply sticking a Google Ads banner on your site won’t suffice.   

Selling adverts through homepage space can be supplemented by sponsoring opportunities. For example, if you have a series of linked blogs, you could find a company to sponsor that series. Similarly, sponsorships and product placements can be a great way to generate additional income.

The blog itself isn’t the only money making opportunity available, though. Adding a shop to the blog is now easier than ever. And those merchandising sources could make all the difference to the financial growth of the venture.

#8. Focus On Awareness

You could be producing the wittiest, insightful, and entertaining content on the market. But it won’t mean anything if nobody is reading. As a casual blogger, you were probably happy with just having friends and family read your work. Now, though, increasing the visibility to outside audiences is vital.

Viral content on social media will go a long way to helping. However, embracing the power of search engines through backlinks, meta tags, and other elements is the crucial factor. This guide on making the most of modern trends should set you on the pathway to success.

Aside from getting seen by more people, improved SEO will provide a more professional appearance. That could sway the user’s decision as to whether your blog is worth reading. Assuming the content resonates with them too, you should be set for greatness.

#9. Increase Accuracy

When it’s just a hobby, it’s fine for your blog to make mistakes. Whether it’s poor navigation or mistakes with the content, readers will often forgive you as long as the overall quality is good. As soon as this becomes a professional project, though, it’s time to eradicate those errors. Let’s face it; they’re making the whole website look amateurish.

One of the best ways to reduce errors is to have a format for all articles to follow. Not only can this boost the quality of your personal work, but it can be beneficial for your other writers too. Meanwhile, grammar checking software can help you avoid the simple errors that could harm the reputation of the blog.

Of course, you will still make the odd error. Nonetheless, increased accuracy will bring improved responses. In turn, this can only help your business greatly.

#10. Invest In The Blog’s Development

Once you do start making money, it can be tempting to pocket it all. In today’s market, though, reader expectations evolve at a rapid rate. While you can still afford to pay yourself a salary, don’t go crazy. Investing in the continued development of your page will allow it to become bigger and better in a far quicker time.

Short-term sacrifice for long-term gain. It really is that simple.