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10 Investment Tips for 20-Somethings

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When is the perfect time to invest? When you have finally retired from work in your 60s? No wonder fewer individuals these days are able to retire comfortably after exiting the workforce. There simply isn’t enough savings or these savings were not properly invested during younger years. Truth is, even those in their 20s can start investing their money. For example, they can invest in one of those condos in Montreal. There is no need to make a career out of it, but it is a good start if you wish to establish long-term financial security early on in life. These 10 tips should give young investors in their 20s a good idea of good and proper investment.

Educate Yourself

No, you don’t have to go back to school for formal education. In order to speak the language of investment, start by learning the basic concept. But before digging deeper into technical know-how, you have to understand that investment is always a risk.

Set Short Term and Long Term Financial Goals

Setting financial goals is utterly important before you start investing. Ask yourself what you wish to achieve in the next five years. How much do you wish to earn after a year of initial investment? Make these goals specific and realistic. Once you have set your goals, then you would know how to go about investing your money.

Learn the Tricks of the Trade

As a young investor, you must be quick to learn the ways to make investing easier especially if you are into the stock exchange.



It is OK to Fail

Because investments always involve risk, it is perfectly okay to experience failure at the onset. You are lucky if things go smoothly with your investment process. However, if you failed the first time, you can learn from that failure and give it another try.

Invest Your Money Wisely

Stock investment is not the only way to invest your money. You can purchase a condo unit and have it leased. Montreal condos are some of the cheapest rental properties you can invest in. You can also capitalize your investment money on a small business. Explore ways on how you can wisely invest your money.

Your Savings in the Bank is Not an Investment

Your savings in the bank is not equivalent to your investment, but your retirement savings may be invested. Your savings account is money that you save up for future use, and what with the meager interest you get from it, this money sits in the bank waiting to be withdrawn.

Pay Off Your Debts

Any financial expert would tell you that it is never a good thing to be surrounded with debts. Avoid having to keep on loaning for your investment as you only put yourself at more risk.

Start Small

If you want to be cautious with your money, it is always safe to start on a small investment, one that is profitable enough with small losses on the side.

Make Use of Retirement Savings

Your company retirement plan is a good investment. Put it in a retirement fund and watch it grow.