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Budget Hen and Stag Party Ideas

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So your best buddy has asked you to organise their last night of freedom – great times are ahead! You are in a position of power and responsible for giving them a night to remember. Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank in order to do it! Just for you, we’ve created a list of affordable ideas to spruce up any stag and hen party.


The pub. Do you have a local you’ve spent more time in than you care to mention? Your favourite pub is likely to be the home of some of your most hilarious and treasured moments as a group – so where else would you want to be to celebrate a stag or hen do?

The dogs. Don’t underestimate a night at the dogs for stag and hen do hilarity. Either cheap (or free) to attend, most dog tracks only require a £1 minimum bet, and give you a one in six chance of upping your money. What’s not to love?

Camping and glamping. For the outdoorsy bride or groom, camping is a great option. Choose a local site, and do a big food (and drinks) shop before you go. Load up the cars and you’re on your way. Camping is a great way to spend time together and try something you may not do every day.

A brave volunteer’s house. If someone is willing, hosting a stag or hen party at someone’s house is probably your most effective option. It’s certainly more suited to brides and grooms who would prefer a quiet evening – but certainly not an option to disregard.



Added extras

Charity shop costumes. Some hens and stags want a dress-up theme. And while costume hire (or purchase) can tot the total, it’s worth trying a charity shop. You can get a whole outfit for under a fiver – and will be amazed at what treasures you find!

Commemorate the day with a selfie frame. get it custom-printed with the date and location of the stag or hen do. Take it everywhere with you and print everyone a memento from the trip.

Use your imagination for activities. Keeping everyone entertained on the stag or hen do doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Create quizzes about the couple or spouse and games that people can take part in.

Remember – the most important thing about a stag or hen do is that everyone is together. The rest is about making the most of the budget you have!