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How to Deal with Troublesome Employees

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Every company has one or two employees that don’t always do as they should. It could be that they don’t meet the deadlines or maybe that they are disruptive to the other staff. For you and your managers, it can be quite difficult to know how to deal with these types of workers. However, if you develop a strategy that involves working with them to find a solution, then the outcome can be beneficial to all.

What is the Behavior?

Before you can decide on what course of action is appropriate, you need to know what type of behavior the worker is exhibiting. Discuss with your managers what incidents have happened and how that has affected the business and the other employees. That type of behavior while unsettling can be dealt with while the employee is still there. However, if there is any physical violence or criminal behavior, then this will need to be dealt with after the employee is removed from the situation.

Gathering Evidence

Part of the process is gathering evidence of the way this worker is behaving. If they are disruptive, then you may be able to get evidence from your managers or from other staff that has been affected by it. Hopefully, you will have employees that feel comfortable enough to report incidents of bullying or other anti-social behavior as this will make the case against them easier. For other incidents such as theft or other criminal behavior, you will need more sophisticated ways of gathering your evidence. Analyzing CCTV footage can be a good way to get evidence of theft and other physical crime, though if you are worried about things such as cybercrime, then this will need alternative methods. You can find companies that offer digital forensics Dallas and other states who can examine the worker’s computer.

Taking Action

Dealing with employees who are disruptive or who are not working to the required standard is more about trying to reach a solution than discipline. You need to find out why they are acting the way they are and see if there is anything you can do as an employer to help them. It is far easier to help them than to go through a long and difficult disciplinary procedure. For those that have committed a crime against the company, you have to report the incident to the authorities and provide them with the evidence you have gathered. In both cases, you need to have developed specific plans to deal with such incidents. There needs to be a chain of evidence and written statements from you and the employee so that the correct procedure is followed.

When dealing with matters of conduct in the workplace, it is vital that you deal with each incident openly and fairly. Your workers need to feel that you will listen to them and deal with any problems as they arise. Similarly, unless the incident involves a criminal matter, you should always seek to solve issues with troublesome employees.