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What’s Holding You Back – Update

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Hello strangers. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve sat down to blog. I can list off all the things I’ve been busy with: being sick, getting a puppy, life and so on, but I think there’s been something else at play.


Right now I’m reading a book – The War of Art and it’s interesting. It talks about resistance and how it often crops up with the important things that we really value. As someone who works for themselves, I’m lucky, there’s a lot of benefits, but one of the consequences is that I don’t have a boss, no one over my shoulder to make sure I’m ticking off my to do list. Or to make sure you even write a to do list.

My take away from the book is that when you ignore your ‘calling’ or true desires, and procrastinate, do anything but what you REALLY need or want to do, you create inner turmoil. And I’ve been doing just that. If you look at my income reports, you’ll see pretty decent numbers and an income which is more than liveable, especially here in Guatemala.

Ummm… How PRETTY is where I live? It looks like a dream.


But it’s not all that I wanted to do or achieve. I’ve been trying to tell myself its enough and I’ve been distracting myself by the number at the end of the month.

So today I sat down and wrote a list of things that my soul isn’t happy that I’ve put off:

1) Blogging Consistently Here

2) Making Any Time for Spanish

3) Volunteering in a Meaningful Cause

4) Starting My Other Projects, namely a personal blog, and starting the process of Podcasting – or at least researching it for now

5) Prioritising Exercise

This blog post is going to serve as a reminder that I need to start those things that really speak to me, the things I’m really passionate about. If not, I’ll be in a constant state of turmoil, because my dreams are not aligning with my actions. I’m lucky in the sense I have a LOT of free time and enough money to pursue my dreams, so what am I waiting for?


Is there anything you’ve put on the backburner that’s really important to you? Share with me so we can keep each other accountable 🙂

My income has been great, I should do a few income reports to share the backlog with you. I’m still thinking of what direction I want to take this blog in, but I’m excited about all the possibilities.

Life Update:
So life is great in Guatemala, I’m still in the process of getting things sorted to apply for my Guatemalan Residency. Nightmare. My trip home to New Zealand has been postponed until October. My puppy, Inca, is cute but a real handful. I’m still very happy with my Guatemalan boyfriend. I’ve started salsa classes which is super fun. Everything is great, and now I can see why all the bullshit had to happen in the past year, in order to get me exactly where I am.


And it’s pretty great right here.

How’s everything been going for you? Let me know in the comments below. I feel SO out of the loop.