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It’s a balancing act: Working from home

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With the increasingly popularity of working from home and starting your own business, more and more parents are trying to find the right balance between home and work.

Thanks to technological advances like the iCloud, you can thrive as an entrepreneur and still have an enriching homelife with your family. Technology has made it easier to be flexible, but having all the options for when and where to work doesn’t always equal being productive.

Here’s some tips on how to survive and thrive at work and at home, even if they take place in the same house.


Have a back up ‘out of the house’ workspace

Working from home can be a great money saver for your fledgeling business, but it can also make it difficult to distinguish your work from your home life. This is especially true when you have a family as it’s particularly hard to maintain concentration when there are interruptions, especially during the school holidays.

Even if home will be your main base for business, it pays to have a back up ‘out of the house’ workspace. Getting out and about, experiencing a different environment and separating work from home is important for both your mental health and productivity.

You may choose to head to your local coffee shop, but often it’s more useful to have a professional space that you can rent when it suits you. A rise in city coworking spaces has made this option more accessible.

Companies like i2 Office and Landmark PLC have professional spaces across the UK with facilities for coworking or hot desking. You can book for an afternoon or just an hour and be able to have a fully equipped office on arrival.


Give yourself a break

Another thing that can be gained from having a separate space to work in is that you can give 100%. When you’re working there are less distractions and you can put your all into your business.

Take breaks in your working day to give yourself some deserved ‘me-time’. This can be as simple as taking a walk or going to grab a coffee. You may not get chance to take a full hour for lunch but schedule in some time in the day where you’re not working or parenting.

Longer breaks can also be important, whether you want a holiday or a some time to develop yourself. Holistic activities like meditation can be incredibly rewarding, some form of meditation retreat could help you to regroup. Alternatively take a short city break and give yourself time be worry-free and regroup. This will keep you fresh for work and family upon your return.


Organise family time and schedule “work hours”

Book tasks to do with kids. Hours long activities for them to do while you work. Stick to strict work hours so you don’t overwork in the office while doubling as a parent. Nobody wants to read a bedtime story whilst analysing some figures or worrying about reports in the back of their mind.

It is entirely doable – one can be a great parent and successful in business at the same time. It’s all about balance – with a balanced schedule, a balanced worth ethic and a balanced mind you should be well on your way to success.