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A Stay in Lima for a First Peruvian Adventure

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I’ve always wanted to go to Peru. Everything fascinates me about this country, including the food, culture, language, and people. For some reason, many people miss the capital and head straight to Cuzco to see Machu Picchu. However, Lima is by far the biggest city in Peru and home to more than a quarter of the 30 million people who make up the population of Peru. The good news is, LAN is an excellent airline with plenty of flights departing from and arriving into Lima.

I want to eat ceviche, dance in the clubs, go on long hikes, and shop in the markets. Most importantly, I want to spend a decent amount of time in Lima. I’ve heard great things about the city, and here are some reasons why I’ve been wanting to go for so long:


The Food

Lima residents are obsessed with food, and with good reason. In the Boulevard of Gastronomy you’ll find traditional famers’ markets have been turned into a pedestrian mall which showcases the fresh ingredients used in Peruvian dishes. I’m hoping to travel in September when the annual food festival is held.

I’m also looking forward to trying the pisco sour, the national drink of Peru.


I’m an adrenalin junkie, and I’ve wanted to go paragliding in Peru ever since I watched them do it on the amazing race. Visitors get to stand right on the edge of a 200 foot cliff and drift over the ocean and skyscrapers. Sounds right up my alley.


The Ruins

Of course, if I’m going to go to Peru I’ll see Machu Picchu. But many people are unaware of how many amazing ruins there are to see in Lima. I can’t wait to see Pachacamac which is a huge temple complex built around 800 BCE. I’ve heard that the ruins look amazing blending into the skyline of the city.


I have a thing for museums, and Lima has some of the best. If you’re into erotic pottery, head to Museo Larco, although I’ll probably be visiting the Museo de la Nacion to see photos of the armed conflict in Peru.


The Weather

I hate winter, and anyone who visits Lima between October and April you’ll enjoy gorgeous summer weather, along with beautiful sunsets and long days. Winter runs from June to September, which still means a lovely mountain sun.

The Beach

I love the beach, and Lima has some of the best in Peru. While I enjoy lying in the sun, I hate having to travel for hours to get there, and I like to be able to easily leave when I get bored. The surfing, sunbathing and bar-hopping is nice and close to the city so it’s easy to get some sun and then explore more of Lima

Outdoor Attractions

Lima is an excellent place to base yourself if you like to be adventurous, and there are plenty of public transport options which can allow you to see penguins in Paracas, go Sandboarding at Huacachina or gawk at the rock formations in Marcachuasi.