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Could Your Good Financial Sense Launch You a Career in Accounting?

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Have you always seemed to have a knack for making wise financial decisions in your life? Are finances something you’ve not only excelled in your personal life but also enjoyed? Are you the type that doesn’t shy away from the idea of numbers and math? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, it may be time to consider a whole new career path – and that’s a path that leads you to a career in accounting.

The world of accounting includes all kinds of positions from an entry-level CPA in a small company, all the way up to a chief financial officer of a large company. Still not convinced? Well here’s a look at what masters in accounting would involve.

There’s No Need to Leave Your Day Job

If you already have a job, but you’ve just grown unsatisfied with it, then the best way to go about switching career paths may be online education. You can enrol in an online masters in accounting and study on the side. This means you won’t have to give up your current income and you can stay in that current job until your degree is complete.

An online accounting degree often has different entry dates throughout the year, is done on your schedule not the school’s, and will allow you to graduate in as little as five semesters. What this means is that there is very little you have to change in your current life as you work on making changes for the future.

Taking Your Love of Numbers Much Deeper

While your love of numbers can certainly help to spark interest in a career in accounting, it’s important to note that accounting is much more than just numbers. During your degree program you’ll be looking at the applications of these numbers and what story they tell. In real life these numbers will tell stories about a business, its operations, the direction it is heading, and help to reveal helpful information.

What Skills Will Help in Accounting?

As for what skills can help you to succeed in the world of accounting, there are actually quite a few.

One of the most important skills you’ll need is organizational skills. Without this all-important skill, there is little chance accounting is the career for you. As an accountant there is a lot of responsibility riding on your shoulders, which means you need to keep portfolios organized, well-managed, and of course accurate at all times. If you’re the type that loves color-coding folders, makes use of calendars and reminder apps, then you’ve probably got what it takes.

It’s also very important to have an analytical mind. You need to be able to look at a problem and find the solution in a methodical and analytical way.

It will also be important that you can take the initiative in projects and willingly attack the work.

An Excellent Starting Point

While having a love of numbers and good financial sense could be an excellent starting point to a career in accounting, it’s also important to understand it goes much deeper than that, which may be exactly what you’re looking for.