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7 Proven Ways on How to Promote Your Book

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Do you want to learn how to promote your book? A sound marketing plan will help people find your book, eventually gaining you readership from the world over. For the best results, check out the following on how you can do a free book promotion.

7 Book Marketing Tips


  • Website


If you have a blog or a website, its the best place to start marketing your book. It can help you gain traffic from search engines, including Bing and Google, exposing your book and special offers fast. Without a hosted .com website, sign up with free websites such as Blogger or WordPress, and promote your book there.


  • Social Media


Do not pitch your book many times in a day. Or else, youll only drive followers and fans away. No one wants to be sold, anyway. Use it to connect and communicate with your audience. Reply to their questions and post valuable content for them.


  • Email


Do you have a mailing list? Use it as one of the ways on how to market your book. However, dont spam people who didnt sign up for it. Also, send only relevant and useful content to subscribers. Otherwise, youll drive people away, making them click the unsubscribe button right away.


  • Web Forums


People interested in the subject join and discuss on forums. Dont miss the opportunity! Find forums related to your books niche and contribute there. Use the venues to reach out, give advice and offer help to solve their problem. Forums also provide you with a chance to leave a link to your website or blog on the signature line.


  • Media Kit


Another useful way on how to market your book, media kits are designed to help expose yourself to the people interested in your subject.

A media kit includes business cards, which must contain your cover on one side and your contact details on the other, a headshot, an author bio of no more than 150 words and a sheet of the book, one side for its cover and the other for its description.


  • Reviews


Start asking reviews from people six months before launching the book. Send your books PDF with two chapters, the table of contents and your author bio. Whom should you ask for reviews? Go ahead and ask the influencers in your subject!

[TIP: Clarify review guidelines with your publisher. Some of them dont allow giving out a full copy for the fear that the book will be stolen.]


  • Videos


Create useful videos and share them on YouTube, Vimeo and social media, one simple way on how to market your book. Be sure embedding your sites link on the video clip to improve traffic and send more people to your sales page.

Promote Your Book and Get More People Read It

Learning of the top ways on how to do a free book promotion, youre on your way to reaching more readers and positioning yourself as an expert in your field. So again, use a website, social media and video-sharing sites, have a media kit and ask people for reviews. In no time, youll be able to master and benefit from these simple techniques on how to promote your book today!