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4 Sentence Correction Tips for Impressive Emails

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Bad email grammar leaves a poor impression among readers, no matter youre a writer, an author or a business owner. So regardless of your industry, ensuring youre writing complies with the grammar rules and guidelines is necessary. While you may think its not a major concern at first, youll eventually realize how those mistakes are affecting your career, as they show poor writing skills. For tips in sentence correction, keep reading.

Tips to Avoid Grammar and Spelling Errors on Emails

Overlooking the importance of grammar on emails, youre ruining your career and destroying your credibility. Check on your grammar before pressing that SEND button with the following tips.


  • Check for one type of mistake at a time


This is one of the most effective ways on how to do a sentence correction. Dont look for all types of errors in a go, but check for one type of mistake each time. Check spelling and then punctuation next. Finally, check for grammar, including subject-verb agreement, run-on sentences, fragments and wrong word choice. If needed, verify facts as well.


  • Dont rely on spell checkers


For the thought that tools for proofreading online is the best way to go in getting rid of those errors, some people fail at realizing it is not a one-stop solution. Tools arent 100% foolproof, and they cannot understand human messages.

If you want to ensure youre getting your message across with proper grammar, style and punctuation, you might be better off using a human proofreading service that can review and spot errors you might have missed.


  • Take a break


Dont rush writing an email and then quickly punching that Send button. Instead, you must take a break, get off your desk and revisit the email later. If you do, you can have a fresh pair of eyes, which can be more effective in spotting those mistakes youve committed in writing.


  • Read your email aloud


Being short of time or beating a deadline isnt an excuse to send it without reading. To ensure youre not committing mistakes, read it aloud, one of the best techniques to pick up any wrong word choice, run on sentences and typos.

After reading, run your email using an online spell check that you can easily add as a browser extension for Gmail. The service will review, spot mistakes and provide you with suggestions on how to write a better email. Integrating such service on Gmail is only a click away, anyway.

Following these tips, you can send error-free emails to your teammates, superiors, business partners or prospects. Getting help from a proofreading online service may also be better if you think you just cant spot and correct your mistakes.