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Selling Your Home? Four Smart But Subtle Strategies for Impressing Potential Buyers

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The public at large often laments the headache of buying a home; however, what about the potential difficulties of trying to sell one?

Between endless negotiations and flaky offers, getting a sold sign out front is easier than done.

Bear in mind, however, that much of selling your home comes down to strategy and psychology: that is, you need your house to look the part and you likewise need to emphasize your homes strong points versus its weaknesses or drawbacks.

Whether youre trying to get rid of a fixer-upper, want to make your rental property look like a million bucks or are simply leaving your current space, it certainly pays to make some investments in order to catch the eyes of potential buyers. Thankfully, upgrading your home doesnt necessarily mean sinking a bunch of money into it before you move out.

Now, where do you start?

Let Some Light In

In short, a well-lit room can do wonders to guests at a glance. Between brightening the vibe of your home and being easy on the eyes, natural light is infinitely preferable to harsh lamps which can turn your potential buyers off as they step into your space. On the flip side, if you have a room thats facing heavy sunlight, its important that youre able to block it out.

New blinds are a must-have for those selling their homes. Not only are shading solutions inexpensive, but also give your windows an aura of elegance.

Focus on the Right Rooms

Despite popular belief, not all rooms in your home are created equal.

The three most important rooms in your home are the kitchen, master bathroom and living room; therefore, you need to emphasize these rooms in terms of cleaning, decor and repairs. If youre curious as to why, consider the following:

  • The living room is likely where your potential buyers will be spending the bulk of their time
  • The kitchen and bathroom are most prone to wear and tear and will likely be in need of small, nagging fixes
  • Likewise, the kitchen and bathroom are most susceptible to water damage: plumbing issues need to be addressed immediately

Simply put, you cant ignore these particular areas, especially if you suspect your buyer is going to perform an independent home inspection after they put in their offer.

Clean Like Crazy

While this may seem like a no-brainer, a deep cleaning of your home will ultimately pay off in the long-run. It may be worth it to pay a cleaning service to do the heavy lifting for you if youre pressed for time. Taking a room by room approach to deep cleaning may be preferable if youve lived in your space for many years.

Also, dont ignore the exterior of your home: simple lawn maintenance and keeping your driveway free of clutter can go a long way toward enticing buyers.

Speaking of decluttering, try to get rid of as much junk in your home as possible before you begin showing your house. Doing so represents a win-win situation: you have less stuff on hand for when you eventually move and its easier for potential buyers to visualize themselves in your space.

Tell a Story

Finally, give yourself and your house a sense of personality by quite literally talking up its strong points. Telling stories of upgrades, recent repairs and good times youve had in the home can help buyers know that youre human and have their best interest at heart. While theres certainly no need to lie about your home, emphasize your favorite aspects of your living space (and downplay the drawbacks), meanwhile maintaining a positive attitude.

Selling your home doesnt have to be a nightmare, nor does it have to be a long, tedious process. Just keep in mind how these small steps could make the biggest difference in sealing the deal with potential buyers.