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Clever But Honest Ways To Beat The Taxman

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Paying taxes is an occupational hazard of life. Anyone that lives in any society in the world has to pay their way. It isnt nice, but it is a fact. What we dont have to do, however, is pay as much as we do currently. Most of us have a massive tax bill, but it might come as a surprise that legal strategies exist to keep it from getting any higher. Now, we arent wealthy enough to move money to offshore accounts, but that isnt necessary as the inventive methods are often the simplest. Oh, and theyre all legal. Youre welcome!

Combine Joint Ownerships

Picture the scene: the UMoveFree reviews are in, the mortgage is over the line, and youre about to sign for your new apartment. But, you realise that your tasty little nest egg is about to cost a fortune in taxes. Do you continue or pull out and wait? The answer is you should carry on as long as there is a partner in crime to help. Most people that invest in real estate do it alone. Although it stops arguments, it doesnt help from a tax standpoint. With another investor, you can both use the capital gains loophole to your advantage. To do this, both have to use the threshold to take as much of the taxable limit as possible and split the remaining costs. In simple terms, you double the tax threshold for the property.

Check The Tax Code

Dont take HMRC or the IRS at their word because they make mistakes. And, they wont tell you until they have to so you can overpay. The thought of paying too much tax is sickening, which is why you need to take responsibility. Check the tax code they use to calculate your contributions and what the code should be to see if they match. If they dont, contact them and make them aware of the error. A tip hound them as much as possible. Institutions that deal with tax hate being annoyed which means they will solve the issue quicker.

Plan For The Future

The government doesnt want to look after you for the rest of your life. They want you to be self-sufficient because it saves them money, and they are willing to cut taxes as an incentive. Workers that deposit funds into their pension plans dont have to pay tax on that money, and thats a fact. You will have to pay a fee in the future when you cash in the plan, yet it will be a lot lower by that time. So, the more pension schemes you have, the more you can save in tax. For obvious reasons, dont go overboard because you still need to live. But, you should consider upping your contributions more this year.

Invest In The Kids

Savings accounts are tax-free, but you can only have one. The good news is that your children can have one too, and they can stockpile a lot of money. Say you have three kids then all of them get a tax-free ISA account where you can put your extra money. The authorities cant do anything about this loophole as you are saving for their future. Plus, this is a possible way to get past any inheritance laws that might exist.

If only Ray Davies knew about these tips, he might still have all his dough.