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Finding it Hard to Purchase your first Property?

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It used to be that first time buyers and young professionals considered buying their first property to be a huge life goal. However, these days it’s more uncommon than you think.

The amount of 25 to 34-year-olds who own their own home in England has dropped significantly in the last ten years and has plunged from 59% to 36%. Instead they’re renting, something that 21% of those in their age group were doing ten years ago, a number which has shot up to 48%.

Most young people can’t afford to simply lay down a house deposit and jump onto the property ladder. These days they’re purchasing property with support from friends and family, although obviously this is simply not possible for a large number of people.


Unbolted is a peer to peer lending platform, and gives those who are uncertain whether they’ll ever be able to own a house the opportunity to get on the property ladder. Basically, Unbolted connects borrowers who have assets that they could use for security with lenders who can lend against these assets. This means that young people who have assets but not much cash flow can then borrow money at an interest rate which is much lower than their competition.

This also removes uncertainty for lenders as they know that their loan will definitely be fulfilled. If the loans are made against silver and gold they’re also protected by derivative hedges which are purchased within Gold Trust. If the loans are made against other assets, they’re then protected by the Provision Trust. Unbolted also uses its own fees and transfers 1% of the principal of each loan in order to ensure these assets are protected.

This is excellent for people who weren’t born into wealth but have valuables that they can use as assets. Many people are asset rich but liquidity poor or have uncertain income streams. Now these people can afford to take their first step into property, and begin climbing up the property ladder.


For women who have a lot of jewellery and men who have cars, watches, expensive furniture, or other assets, Unbolted presents an excellent way to break into the housing market without spending years scrimping and saving.

Usually, when it comes to buying a house most people will put it off for years. After all, buying a house means years of sacrifice and hard work right? Then, once you have the house, there’s no guarantee that what you see is necessarily what you get in terms of a defect-free home. Luckily, Quality Exterior Services can help with any roofing, painting, and other exterior repair needs. To finance all of this, you’ll need to say goodbye to dinners out, holidays, nights out with friends, and lattes after work. Instead, you’ll be cancelling gym subscriptions, packing your lunch each day for work, and trying to figure out how you’ll approach friends and family for a loan.

Not anymore. Now it’s possible to have both a house and your financial independence. Most of us are actually worth more than we think, and when we look at our belongings, we can often be surprised by just how much money we would have if we sold it all. However instead of selling all your stuff, you can now receive a loan from someone based on your assets. Win/win.