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Maintaining Your Home for All Seasons

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Owning a home comes with the responsibility of maintaining it on your own. If you are a new homeowner you may not be aware of the scheduled maintenance required to prepare for each season. Listed below is a quick review of some of the important items that you should have on your to-do list.

For All Seasons

Insects and rodents are notorious for finding clever ways to get inside your home regardless of the season. While many are just an annoyance, some can carry disease, bite, sting or contaminate for food. Luckily, you have options. You can try to remedy the problem on your own with over-the-counter products. Or, if you want faster results you can hire a company that specializes in pest control to tackle the problem. For instance, if you live in Orange County, you can go online and search for Orange County Pest Control companies located near you. The advantage of using a professional service is that they will identify the problem and also advise you, as the homeowner, of ways to reduce their entrance.

Spring into Action

Spring is a beautiful time of year. The trees start to produce leaves, the vegetation begins to grow and the air has a gentle and soothing freshness. Spring is a wonderful time to open the windows and get the staleness out of your home. It’s also a great time to give remove the debris outdoors left from a long winter. Do an inspection of your property to check for broken or hanging branches, clean out your gutters and take a good look at your roof to see how it faired over the long winter and then make the necessary repairs. Your home takes a beating over the winter and cleaning it, inside and out, provides a great way to prepare your home for summertime fun.

Summer Maintenance

The last thing you need is the air conditioner faltering during one of the hottest days of the year. June is a good month for getting your home prepared for the upcoming summer heat. During this time you should have it checked by a professional. They know where to look and can detect if there are any looming issues. In addition to the A/C unit, they will also check the ducts to make sure that they are intact and free of dust and debris so that you get the most out of its use.

Fall Cleaning

Once the summer ends and the fall season arrives leaves in large quantities begin to fall. This is a great time to remove them to prevent damage to your lawn in the spring. It’s also the perfect time to inspect the health of your trees to prevent damage to your home or property over the winter months. In addition, you should have an emergency kit in place prior to the winter consisting of flashlights, water, food staples that you can eat without electricity or a heat source and a radio with batteries.

Prior to the First Frost

Winter is a time of year where most homeowners remember to bring in the lawn furniture. Beyond that, many simply hunker down indoors for the long, cold season. Before the first frost, you should check the roof for any visible signs of weakness and make the repairs. It’s also the perfect time to once again clear the gutters and trim back tree limbs and vegetation from around the home. If you own an older home prone to drafts, you should seal windows and unused doors or sliders to prevent moisture from entering and check your plumbing for any tell-tale signs like sweating on the pipes or other damage. If you have a snow blower or a portable generator make sure that you fill it so it’s ready for use. After winter arrives, it’s also important to maintain a safe environment outdoors by clearing away snow and ice from a sidewalk, walkway, a deck or patio, and your driveway.

Your home is a place where you go to retreat from the world and enjoy your own unique space. By performing regular maintenance inside and outside your home, you can enjoy all the benefits of homeownership without regret.