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Construction CEO Barbara Stokes Of Huntsville, AL Donated A Truckload Of Building Materials To Express Her Support Of Habitat For Humanity in Madison County

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Green Structure Homes of Alabama supports the efforts of the Habitat for Humanity in Madison County, Alabama. Recently, it was announced that the owners of the company donated a substantial amount of supplies to the Habitat for Humanity. Green Structure Homes is a construction company that builds homes and business structures for emergency shelter and permanent housing.

Barbara Stokes Huntsville AL, along with her husband Scott, are co-owners of the company. Barbara and Scott Stokes are pleased and proud to contribute to the worthy organization that works to fight homelessness. Green Structure Homes of Alabama donated more than $100,000 worth of building products and supplies to Madison County’s Habitat for Humanity to help further their efforts in the local community. The mission of the Habitat is to help eliminate hopelessness and housing issues due to poverty in the County. They will now be able to supply a large variety of building materials at a lower price, and this takes some of the financial burden off of their clients. Barbara Stokes and her family have been residents of Madison County for many years.

Habitat for Humanity strives to provide shelter to individuals and families that are less fortunate. With the generous influx of building supplies received from Barbara Stokes Huntsville AL, many lives can be changed. The hard-working volunteers who contribute their time and manpower to Habitat for Humanity in Madison County will now be able to make even more improvements in housing for poverty-stricken residents of Madison County. The additional goal is to help raise awareness about the necessity for more available affordable housing options. There are people in and around Barbara’s hometown of Huntsville, AL that will be directly impacted by this act of generosity.

Green Structure Homes of Alabama was founded in 2008 by Barbara Stokes and Scott Stokes. Barbara is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. They are home contractors, and the company donated 1,000 drywall sheets and more than 80,000 sf of new linoleum for flooring. Barbara and her husband are thrilled to be lending a hand to this worthy effort. The supplies will be put to good use by Habitat for Humanity that, according to Barbara, does wonderful things to help improve living conditions for those who need help in the area. She feels proud to be able to help them accomplish the worthwhile mission of the Habitat for Humanity in the Huntersville area of Madison County, Alabama.

Barbara Stokes Huntsville AL strives to achieve a worthy mission in her company as well. They build state-of-the-art structures that can be delivered to all states across the US. Barbara understands that their manufactured buildings serve more than a housing solution, but rather they provide a home for individuals who have become victims of unfortunate circumstances. Barbara and Scott utilize the highest standard of engineering innovation to create quality products. Barbara Stokes has been present in person at many storm-ravaged areas of the country. She is a compassionate and thoughtful CEO and philanthropist who has always strived to put family and people first ahead of corporate profits.

The Stokes family currently resides in Huntersville, and the headquarters of Green Structure Homes is also located there. Barbara Stokes is active in her support of serving the philanthropic needs of her community. Barbara also widely contributes to a number of her other favorite charitable organizations.