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What Exactly is a Reference 101 Error and What Does it Signal?

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Many of our customers come across a reference 101 error when applying for their Federal Tax ID number, which can cause them to worry, stress, or defer the process altogether. However, this should not be the case. Let us walk you through the process with ease and confidence. A reference 101 error is nothing to be concerned about, and here’s why.

If you come across a reference 101 error when applying for your FEIN, don’t panic. This error means nothing more than there has been an error detected in your application. There are many reasons this error could occur, such as you mistyped some information, the name you chose for your company matches too closely with a business with a similar name, etc.  If you find yourself experiencing one of these errors, we are here to help. IRS-EIN-Tax-ID can take necessary action in order to identify why the error is occurring and how we can correct it so that you can continue with your application process. If you run into the error, simply email us as soon as possible to let us know that you received the reference 101 error and we will figure it out for you.

However, in order to avoid the reference 101 error if possible, review your application very thoroughly before submitting it. This will make sure that any and all possible errors, other than the similarity of a business name, will be detected and taken care of early, lessening your chances that you receive the frustrating reference 101 error.

With, IRS-EIN-Tax-ID, our team is ready and willing to help when needed. We want each and every application process to run as smoothly as possible so that our customers are completely confident in the application process.