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Tips for saving money on food

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Food can be one of the household’s biggest expenses, especially if you are feeding a growing family.  Add that on top of mortgage payments, school fees, household bills etc, it can become very hard for your everyday family to save. Food is probably one of the areas that is easiest to cut costs on and here are my top tips for saving money on food.

Cook at home as much as possible

Easier said then done if you are a busy working family but if you follow some simple easy recipes  cooking at home can be a very easy. It’s a good way to save a lot of time and money, especially if you are one to head to the takeout store when busy.

Cook in bulk

Another way to ensure you are cooking at home as much as possible is to spend a few hours doing meal prep for the week. Cook a few big meals in bulk and then divide into meals for the week, which can be used for either dinners or lunches. Anything that isn’t eaten straight away can be put in freezer containers. Having ready meals in the freezer is super handy for those nights where you have just completely run out of time to cook, plus it’s healthier too.

Buy in bulk

Membership bulk grocery stores have been around for years but were originally for businesses in the food industry. However in recent time a lot of them are now open up to your everyday family. Super stores like Costco (which is a membership program) have made their way down to the South Pacific and can easily see you saving hundreds of dollars on your grocery bills.

Don’t be afraid of the generic brands

Believe it or not the generic brands are a lot of the time made from the same producers as more expensive “labeled” brands. Don’t be afraid to try the generic brands, you’ll be surprised at just how good a quality they are.

Make your lunch and have a work snack drawer

When spending $5 here and $7 there on items throughout the day at work, you don’t think of it as being a huge expense. Except start adding up your total costs for the day, then the week, then the year, you’ll soon realize buying your work food out, costs you thousands of dollars each year. So make your own lunch each day and keep a snack drawer at work filled with crackers, tuna, dried fruits and nuts. This means you won’t go and splurge on that afternoon muffin when the 3pm hunger kicks in.