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Top tips for creating your home office

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Working from home these days is becoming very popular. However there is no point in working form home if you haven’t set up your home office properly. If you don’t have a good space to get your work done in, then it’s easy to get distracted and not get the work done. Here are my top tips for creating an organized and productive office space in your own home.

Good Broadband

You really can’t get too much done these days without a good internet connection, and if you still need to be contactable via e-mail then a good reliable internet connection is key. Have look online to find the best broadband deals near you. Find one that can offer high speeds as well as a generous data allowance. There is nothing worst then slow internet when you are trying to get work done.

Separate the office from personal space

It’s so important when you have a home office that is separate to your personal space in the home. That way it’s a lot easier to stay on task and not allow for distractions to come in. If you can’t actually have a separate room for the office see how you can separate in some way with either a room divider or book shelves.

Get good filing and storage

Having a cluttered office space is not going to be at all good for productivity levels. When things feel cluttered and messy then your work will come out that way too. Find good storage solutions for your documents and electronics so they can be cleared away nicely and you have minimal stuff on your working space. This helps clear to clear the mind and stay organized and productive.

Get good lighting

If you can it’s great to have as much natural daylight as possible when working to help stay alert and awake.  So if it’s available pick a nice sunny room for your home office. If not make sure you get some good quality lighting in the office and not just use a cheap office lamp.

A good chair

It’s nothing new that when working you need a good office chair to help with posture and prevent backache. Well just as you need a good chair in the office you need a good one for you home office too. Get one with a good back support and a range of adjustable settings so anyone in the home can use it. In fact if you suffer from back problems, then why not try out the latest trend of stand up desks which have become super popular from all the added health benefits.

Do you have any other tips in creating your home office? Let me know in the comments below: