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Tips For Reducing the Costs of a Funeral

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Funerals are not cheap. It’s probably the last thing you’re thinking about right now, but it’s really important that you’re prepared incase the inevitable happens. Whether you’re planning your own funeral or find yourself planning someone else’s there are lots of ways you can save money and keep costs low. Yes funerals should be special, but you don’t need to put yourself into debt to afford a nice funeral. Here are some tips for reducing the cost of a funeral.

1) Shop Around
There are lots of little costs of a funeral that many people overlook when they’re planning their budget. It’s possible to get affordable Memorial stones if you shop around. As with most things in life, funeral services are moving online and you can find some great deals if you look online. Of course, this takes a little more research and planning, but the savings can really add up.

2) Consider a Package
Some funeral homes offer excellent packages if you buy everything through them. Sometimes it can be cheaper to do it yourself, but because they can organise everything and can access things at cost price, you may be surprised by how affordable this option can be. This option can be a great idea if you are feeling too overwhelmed to deal with the little details yourself, but do be mindful of the costs.


3) Decide Whether Cremation is an Option
As times change, people are moving away from burials and looking to cremations. This is a very sensitive issue which is down to the individual’s personal preference, but it is worth being option to either option. Cremation tends to be considerable cheaper, but of course cost is not the only thing you should consider here.

4) Keep It Simple
It’s possible to keep the funeral simple and to avoid unnecessary costs. Unsurprisingly, funeral homes are businesses and they will try to sell you things you perhaps don’t really require. Of course, if you feel it’s necessary, you can purchase anything you need but take a moment to really consider whether it’s essential or just an added expense.

5) Ask for a Discount
Asking for a discount will probably be the last thing on your mind when you’re trying to plan a funeral, but why not. You have absolutely nothing to lose but could find yourself saving a considerable amount of money. This might be easier if you’re comparing a few places and can play them against each other.

Funerals do not have to be crazily expensive. With a little forward planning, shopping around and negotiation you should be able to get a good deal.