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How to Improve Employee Engagement

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If you’re a business owner, or a manager, you know that your employees are the core of your business. Happy, productive and engaged employees make all the difference when it comes to productivity and profit. Almost every industry is changing at a rapid rate, due in part to the advancements in technology we are seeing. It is important for companies to invest in their employees, to ensure they are continuously learning and advancing in their respective careers. When you invest in training your employees you also show your employees that you value them and want to provide them with the opportunity to grow, too.

E-learning is a great way to facilitate learning in your company, as there are a number of ways in which this is advantageous over traditional learning. I personally am investing a lot of time into self education, but haven’t started on E-learning, yet. I’ve been reading about the benefits of E-learning and these are the top benefits I’ve found.

1) Saving Time

E-learning takes about have the time of traditional courses. This is because due to the lower operating costs, E-learning courses can be tailored to suit individual members of staff. This allows your staff to focus on learning what is relevant to them in their role, rather than a broad course stuffed with irrelevant content. On average, courses through Filtered take about half the time to complete, which saves your company time and money.

2) Engaging Learning

It’s possible to create programs that use a variety of different mediums to keep your employees interested and engaged. From quizzes through to a beautiful interface, Filtered E-learning is a well-rounded education program designed to deliver results while ensuring your staff are engaged and soaking up all the new information.

3) Measurable Impact

You can ensure your staff take a test pre and post doing their courses to see how their skills measure up. This is a great way to see the impact of the course and to figure out which areas may still be a weakness.

4) Reduced Costs

E-learning is significantly cheaper than traditional forms of education and not just in terms of fees. There’s a reduced cost in terms of travel costs and the time required to travel to the course. The flexibility of E-learning is also very appealing, especially for someone like me who is constantly on the move. I can’t commit to a traditional classroom environment for too long.


Have you ever done an E-learning course? Would you? I’d love to hear your thoughts.