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How to Divide Your Time for Optimal Results as an Entrepreneur

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If there is one thing that can be said about entrepreneurs, it would be that they are among the busiest people on earth. Not only are they working on starting or running a successful business, but they are also spending time growing and learning each and every day of their lives. If you are overwhelmed with all there is to do daily, you can learn from entrepreneur Tai Lopez who has learned from others and put to use a system of dividing his time so that he gets everything in, and comfortably at that. Based on his 4th of 67 Steps, he has perfected the Law of 33%. You can too. Follow carefully to see the beauty of this system!

A Bit about the Law of 33%

As an entrepreneur, you know there are a multitude of people you interact with day in and day out. Some are those who are working under you, some are your peers on a level with you and others are those you learn from; your mentors as it were. While you may develop a personal relationship with your mentors, some you may never have the privilege of meeting face to face. They could be those who lived in days gone by. In cases like this, if you read or listen to something of substance each and every day, you will be learning from some of the greatest masterminds of all times. Consider these people your silent mentors much like a ham operator who has crossed over is now referred to as a silent key. In the Law of 33%, you will be dividing your time equally between the three above mentioned groups.

Mentees and Apprentices

While it is understood that we all should have our own mentor or mentors, we too should be a mentor to others who are just starting out on the road to success. The first third of your equally divided time should be spent working with those you are advising. Whether they work for you in a direct relationship to your own business or are others who have come to you seeking your counsel from afar, give approximately one-third of your time working with those under your wing.


Peers and Persons on Your Level

The quickest way to failure is to negate time spent with friends and peers. You need this social connection if you are to continue going at such a breakneck speed. Peers can also be business associates you get along with or they could be friends you know on the outside world. Take time to be social. Its good for the body, mind and spirit. If you spend all your time counseling others or learning yourself, you will soon burn out as history has shown time after time.

People above You on a Level of Success

Then there are your mentors. As mentioned above, these could be people you interact with who guide you along the way and they could be mentors of another sort. Of this time, you can spend some of it reading the works of great men and women who have gone before or you could spend it with your own mentors who can talk to you about real-life, real-time situations as they arise. A mentor is someone who imparts knowledge and understanding, so it doesnt always need to be a physical body you interact with. You can be mentally mentored through the works of great people who you may never meet.

As an entrepreneur, learn to divide your time equally between those below you in a level of success, those on your level and those above you who have achieved great things youd like to achieve as well. By spending your time in this way, you will be able to do all that needs to be done, learn to do it efficiently and still have time to interact on a social level a winning solution for the busy and oftentimes overwhelmed entrepreneur.