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These Apps Should Be in Your iPhone Money Folder

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The primary goal of every App is to make money for the developer. But how about Apps that actually make money for you by helping you plan your finance, track your spending and control budgets? If you want to stay financially discipline on the go, you should get a Money Folder in your mobile stored with these iOS money saving Apps.

HomeBudget with Sync

This colourful and easy to use app helps you set up credit and debit accounts and track your balances. The home screen gives you a clear view and perspective of your accounts, incomes, bills, and budget, with a chart that allows you monitor and control your spending behaviour. With a ‘family sync’ feature, you can share financial information with other members of your household and work towards a unified budget.

Loan Calculator Pro

Everyone likes to be on top of their debt situations and create easy, stress-free repayment plans. That is what the Loan Calculator Pro helps you achieve. It computes your monthly payments for different loans like mortgages, auto and fixed rate loans and gives you a payment schedule with the principal, interest and the remaining balance. It also runs a ‘what-if’ check to weigh other payment variables.




Wally helps you fix budgets and money your spending. You can also set reminder alerts for your scheduled payments or when you’re close to your savings target.  When you turn on the ‘location services’ feature, the app will classify and categorize your place of transaction. Then you can save receipts, export data to Excel or create a backup on iCloud.


Mint is one of the most popular apps to plan your finances and monitor your transactions. You can link the app to your bank and monitor your personal accounts on your screen, create and adjust budgets and set bill reminders. The app gives you a free credit rating, and you can also tell it to notify you when you’re getting close to your budget limit. Mint adopts the same security feature as banks, so your accounts and credit information are secure. The app will also send you alert when it notices any unusual transactions on your account and give you tips tailored to your spending pattern to help you cut back on your expenses.


B is an online only current account and money saving app that is packed full of clever tools to help you take control of your money. With the app you can group your transactions into categories like food, travel and entertainment to make sure you know where your money is being spent. B also makes saving a part of your everyday banking, by allowing you to set up savings pots on the app for those big purchases.


The GoodBudget app works like the traditional way people used to create a budget based on their income by putting allotted amounts in different marked envelopes. This app’s virtual envelope helps you plan your monthly budget and get a better grasp of your spending pattern on different areas of your life.


Mvelopes behaves like your financial advisor, although it should not take the place of your actual financial planner.  The app begins by asking you a few questions about your financial objectives and guides you through steps to think long-term financial planning. It shares similarities with Mint app with the way it links your personal accounts and monitor transactions. It is a great app to help you create a budget and be financially disciplined to stick to it.