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Earn The Paycheque Of A Pro Blogger

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Pro is a wonderful word. If you add it to anything, it generally means greater levels of wealth and higher pay. If youre a footballer, you could be having a kickabout at your local park on a Sunday afternoon. If youre a pro footballer, youll get paid millions just for walking onto the pitch. If youre an actor, you might be performing in your town fairs showing of Pinocchio. A pro actor might be able to afford to purchase their own island!

As such, if youre blogging it does make sense to aim to go pro. The question you need to answer is what separates the typical bloggers from the elite. Well, we have that answer.

Guest Posts

Pro bloggers dont just write their own content. They know if they want to attract a larger audience, they need to work with other bloggers to get a shared readership. One of the ways you can do this is through guest posts. If you get another blog owner to write something as a guest on your blog, you can attract their base of readers. Eventually, this might lead to you greatly boosting your own reader numbers because you have tapped into their demand. Theres usually a give and take here. So, if they are guest posting on your blog, they might want you to guest post on theirs.

You may also want to look at the opportunity of sponsored content. You can get paid for blogging, purely by having a high number of readers. But pro bloggers take things one step further and essentially, sell space on their blog for content. This content can be used to subtly market a product they know their readership would be interested in.

More Than A Blog

A blog isnt just a tool for writing and releasing articles when youre a pro blogger. You might want to produce some of your content so that people can listen to it or watch it. You may even create infographics that could be shared online. When you do this, your blog doesnt just become a source of information. Instead, it begins to become a source of entertainment for your readers. It might even make it onto their list of bookmarked pages, and thats exactly what you want. You want them to keep coming back for more.

Completely Original

You might be tempted to use images and content on your blog that is accessible to absolutely anyone. Instead, you should be thinking about using special stock images that while open to the public, are a tad more exclusive. That way, you can make sure that your blog looks unique and different enough to stand out amongst all the other websites out there. Essentially, youll be able to guarantee that your blog is offering something completely unique.

Build Your Brand

Lastly, pro bloggers know that their space online isnt just a place where they can release new information and content. Instead, its part of a larger brand. A brand that they can, if they so choose, build up with a second blog, social media presence and even public events. This is how you take blogging to the next level and become a highly successful pro. If you do this, youll quickly find you add a few zeroes to your monthly income.