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20 Random Facts About Me

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I have seen a few other bloggers do these “facts about me” posts and I actually really enjoy reading them. I figure if you’re going to hear about me yabba on about money, finances and goals, you might like to learn a little more about me.

1) I can’t swim – yes, that is pretty weird considering I come from New Zealand – a tiny little island surrounded by water.

2) I was stabbed when traveling in Indonesia, yet still advocate solo travel.

3) I hate cucumber, passionately. If it’s touched anything it’s ruined it. Scumbag cucumber.

4) I HATED PARIS. It smelled like PEE, everywhere. UGH. Most overrated city I’ve ever been to. They should call it PEERIS.


This is me dressing up as a devil for a children’s celebration in the Czech Republic when I was an au pair.

5) I have been the full time carer for each of my sisters (2 at a time) for over 2 months. The longest period was 2 years when I was 19-21.

6) I met my boyfriend, Ben, on a chance visit home. He was a flatmate to my old flatmates and sleeping in my old room. Talk about easy!

7) My favourite country in the whole world is Cambodia. I had such a great time volunteering there and have visited a total of five times. It’s pretty funny though because I wasn’t even going to visit Cambodia as someone described it to me as “boring” and “dirty” – glad I didn’t listen.

8) I studied Genetics at university and never used my degree once. I doubt I ever will, but I don’t think it was necessarily a waste.

9) I am terrified of heights… to the point where I doubt I could ever bungy jump or sky dive, even though I like the idea of it.


Me at Coachella. Best time ever!

Me at Coachella. Best time ever!

10) My spending weakness is coffee… I will pay almost anything for a good coffee. I am getting better at limiting how often I have them, though.

11) I was born in Sydney, Australia but moved to New Zealand when I was a baby. I am a New Zealander, through and through!

12) Aside from my student loan, I’ve never been in debt – I really don’t believe in financing anything you can’t afford.


13) I hate parallel parking, to the point I’ll spend 10 minutes driving around to avoid parallel parking – I can’t be the only one?

14) My favourite food is Thai food, Mexican and Indian.

Me finding the lemurs. They loooooved it.

Me finding the lemurs. They loooooved it.

15) I can type so fast that I find it really frustrating when I have to write anything by hand because it seems so inefficient.

16) One of the consequences of travelling for so long is that I hate folding laundry or doing dishes. 2.5 years of travel has “ruined” me in terms of being a good housewife.

17) I know a bit of Spanish and a few phrases in other languages, so whenever I am anywhere that doesn’t speak language my silly brain will pick out random words from my vocab of languages… e.g. I’ll be in Indonesia and my brain will think “Hey, not speaking English, use this random Czech word to reply” – ugh, durrr.

18) Whenever I like a new song I have to listen to it on repeat until I hate it. It drives most other people around me insane. My current repeat binge is Broods – Bridges.

19) I’m really bad at not buying myself new clothes. I think I look a lot more scruffy sometimes than I should. I think it’s partially because clothes are so expensive in NZ and partially because I’m always planning to go back to Asia, where all my nice clothes get ruined anyway.

20) I love Personal Finance blogging and the awesome community here. It’s been so much fun reading other people’s blogs, sharing comments and getting to know all you lovely folk out there.

So do me a favour, please. Feel free to post one random fact about YOU on this blog post so I can get to know you a little better