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Quick ways to increase your wealth in the New Year

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The New Year is a time when many of us typically resolve to change unhelpful long-time habits and embrace new ones that will make us happier, healthier and – perhaps – wealthier.

Here are some of the best methods for rapidly adding cash to your bank account so that you can enjoy the most lucrative possible start to 2017.

Sell those unwanted Christmas gifts online

There will almost certainly be some Christmas presents that you receive that you simply can’t make much use of, regardless of how well-intentioned they may have been.

So, you may decide to sell them on that old favourite online auction portal, eBay, or even Facebook – not least as the latter doesn’t charge you any fees.


Flog old gold for cash

It’s easy to be cynical about this one given all of those cheesy TV ads that scream about how you can sell your gold for money, but it actually could be a decent earner if you have the right gold – and go to the right places to sell it. Check out’s complete guide to gold selling.

Become a TV or movie extra

All of those people casually chatting and drinking in the background shots of your favourite soaps have to come from somewhere – often an extras agency like Uni-versalEXTRAS. You could earn £60-£80 a day as an extra without even having to do much.

Take a lodger in your home

With the amount of tax-free cash that you can generate by letting a spare room through the Government’s Rent a Room scheme having recently increased from £4,250 to £7,500 a year, there may have never been a better time to turn your attentions to the profit-making potential of that unused space in your humble abode.

Rent out your parking space

You could earn as much as £200 or more a month if you happen to have a spare parking space in a desirable location, such as near a major railway station or airport. City centre spaces tend to be the most lucrative.

Place matched bets

This method of making money by drawing upon online bookmakers’ free bet offers to bet both for and against a particular event – thereby covering all scenarios and removing the ‘gambling’ element of betting – has attracted favourable attention in recent years from the likes of The Guardian and The Telegraph.

As Profit Accumulator has outlined, matched betting is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to make money online from home.

Use your body

With 4% of students according to the Save the Student site’s Student Money Survey 2016 using their body to make money, if you are extremely short of cash, you may be worried about having to turn to webcam work or even prostitution.

However, there are less controversial or troubling ways to use your body to generate some cash, such as life modelling for artists. Regardless, we would always strongly advise you against doing anything that you are uncomfortable with – whatever the financial perks.

Which of the above methods of generating quick cash have you tried to date – and which ones do you intend to use in 2017?