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Forex Signals for Day Trading

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Forex signals are included in the standard set of tools of most traders, allowing you to be timely and efficiently determine trading prospects at a particular moment in real-time. 

Experts, as well as novice traders, need signals for Forex, as they make the whole trading process much more comfortable.

Let’s cut through the noise and tell you what Forex signals are and how they work for day trading. 

Features of Forex Signals

Understanding the basic features of Forex signals is essential for day traders because you don’t have much time at your disposal. So, here are the core features of Forex Signals. 

  • Practical help to novice traders. Signals allow you to see and evaluate at what positions specific actions need to be taken. It is also a kind of simulator that helps you to reduce training time and deepen understanding of the essence of the market and the correct reaction to its movements.
  • Expanding profit prospects for experienced traders who, with the help of signals, can flexibly respond to rate fluctuations in many open positions.
  • Increase the likelihood of profitable contracts using operational information delivered via instant communication channels – SMS, email, push notifications, etc. It is also possible to receive signals directly through personal trading platforms with the activation of the corresponding options. 

Types of Forex Signals

  1. Automated. It is generated by special programs based on intelligent analytical algorithms.
  2. Tame. Created by an experienced trader in manual mode per market knowledge, developed strategies, and sound forecasts.
  3. Paid and free. Some brokers offer free signals for a particular time or continuously. Others charge for packages or subscriptions.
  4. Signals for entry and exit. These recommendations are based on detailed trading prospects. Entrance signals determine the possibilities of opening a specific position at a special price. Exit signals accordingly inform about the advisability of closing such and such orders.

Who delivers Forex signals?

Forex signals are delivered either by programs (trading bots) or by individuals with relevant experience, authority, and reputation. 

If we are talking about software generators, then, in this case, such mathematical algorithms as Fibonacci levels, data of stochastic (probabilistic) curves, collected information about previous similar market movements are involved. 

The best signal providers are the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms. 

How to Choose Forex Signals for Day Trading?

Now that you have understood the essence of Forex signals, it is time to move to how to choose signals for day trading. 

  • When choosing Forex signals for day trading, it is crucial to differentiate between the good and the wrong signals. 
  • Signals that are generated by software that is installed on the trader’s computer. This software tracks explicitly market fluctuations and reacts accordingly. These signals can be useful because an automated algorithm creates them.
  • When Forex signals inform about the conclusion of a transaction on currency pair (usually pound against the dollar, the dollar against euro or yen against the dollar), these signals can be paid for, and they are generally calculated by suppliers who personally analyzed all the data.
  • When you gain experience in trading, you will encounter frequent fraud cases, and their numbers are continually increasing. Therefore, a thorough review is recommended. 
  • A signal provider that does not have a live account with a trading tracking system. 
  • Trading signals that you do not understand.

Choose wisely and enjoy trading.