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A Healthy Investment Portfolio Begins with a Healthy Knowledgebase

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Anyone could take their savings and throw it into an investment idea. A lot of those people will probably find success because we’re in one of the greatest bull markets of the stock market’s history.

Yet, what happens if we see a bubble? What if a less-than-trustworthy individual managed your funds?

Investments benefit when they’re held for the long-term — the Buffett way. Removing emotions and backing decisions through appropriate due diligence is how the majority find positive returns. This article will share some of the sound investment ideas to diversify portfolios. And, provide a few tips to better grasp long-term market investments.

Note: The information provided in this article is for entertainment purposes only. Invest at your own risk only after you’ve done the appropriate research.

What You Should Know about the Stock Market

The stock market is wholly irrational, jumping either direction due to rumors, political events, the weather, and more. Therefore, one must take all investment advice with a grain of salt. There are no “sure things” when it comes to investing — but you can mitigate risks with a diversified portfolio.

Many will cite the 3-position portfolio:

  • Domestic Stocks
  • International Stocks
  • Bonds

The easiest method behind filling investment “buckets” are placing funds into total market indexes. The idea is commerce will continue to increase save a catastrophic event. If you believe the World will continue showing demand then congratulations because you’ll see a return if you hold long-term.

However, a diversified portfolio can account for several investment strategies:

  • Hedging
  • Drip
  • High-yield savings
  • Income property

An investor may pose bullish, bearish, or in-between. Individuals hedging their investments through stock options and savings is not uncommon. A well-timed options position, while accounting the Stock Market Holidays 2019, backed by thorough due diligence, can create leaps in financial returns.

Which Investment Portfolio Type is Best for Me?

Ultimately, your portfolio allocation depends on your risk management. An aggressive investor may heavily lean on individual growth stocks whereas a low, drip-like investor may look for large-cap, dividend-paying investments.

Consider the following:

  • Slow, Fundamentals — Using a wealth of company and market data to pick and invest in stocks. An investor may wait patiently until the stock reaches a reasonable price, then take a large position and hold for the foreseeable future.
  • Aggressive, Growth — Will you invest in established companies with somewhat stagnant but stable stock? Or, will you speculate and invest in companies you feel (and researched) bound to increase due to their market penetration?

If you feel this is too far “out of your league” then don’t worry as there’s a reason a whole industry was built around finances. An actively managed fund or passive exchange-traded funds may be better suited for your investments.

If finance and investment are an exciting topic you could commit and enjoy then an aggressive strategy may better suit your intentions. Again, understand your risks and don’t “bet the bank” on stock tips causing an overly emotional reaction.

A Hybrid Investment Strategy for Modern Times

Traditional investment institutions and the “old players” stick with traditional strategies. It’s not a bad idea as it’s proven effective and profitable. But, one must account for the disruptive nature of the Internet moving forward in strategies.

Think about this: Buffett never invested in Amazon… imagine if he did.

One must be willing to explore new investment opportunities paired with the changing landscape of society. The internet has been the biggest influencer in these modern times — countless opportunities appear every year.

For example:

It may be worth your while allocating a comfortable budget toward these items. It’s hard to say whether these will have the same returns as the traditional investment avenues but this is the direction the Web is taking us.

Set Your Goals and Begin Early

The earlier you set trade goals, do your due diligence, and just start the better position you’re in for long-term investment gains. Try using trading apps to help you get started as it can be quite difficult to get set up and see results. Again, research, do your due diligence, and read reviews, just like robinhood review which explains how the app will help you and what benefits they offer. If you’re not sure what you’re doing it will be harder to see the results you want, quicker. This is the power of compounding interest — even a year earlier provided added returns — start, and start soon!