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7 Easy Steps To Dispose Your Wheels Quickly At A Good Price

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Do you need to get rid of your car in a hurry? There are many reasons why you might need to do this. You might be buying a new car, but don’t want to accept a trade in price from the dealership. You might be moving to a city that doesn’t require a car – and so on. No matter why you want to sell your car quickly, we have some suggestions for you, including these seven steps, courtesy of Fast Buy Cash for Cars.

1) Gather all of the paperwork

It all starts with your paperwork. You need to have your original copy of the title, as well as anything else that pertains to the vehicle, such as owner’s manuals and other paperwork. Before you move forward, check with your lender to ensure that the vehicle is paid off. You can also check with your local title bureau to see if there are any liens on it.

2) Pick an asking price

The next step involves determining how much you want for the car. You should check out the Kelley Blue Book value or go onto Edmunds to see what your car is worth. From there, you can decide what its condition is and come up with a good asking price. You don’t want to go too high or too low.

3) Make your car look nice

It’s all about curb appeal. People who’ve sold their homes understand how important this is. Take the time to get your car washed and professionally detailed. If you have the time to get the paint touched up, then do so. You need to make your vehicle look nice in order to appeal to buyers.

4) Place an ad

There are many places to post ads for used cars. However, few people understand what’s involved in making sure that those ads actually sell the car. Start by taking plenty of pictures from different angles, and then list your car’s attributes. Include as much detail as possible in the ad, as it will help get your car off of the market quickly.

5) Screen your callers

You really need to watch out for scammers once your ad is up. You also need to weed out people who may not be serious about wanting to buy your vehicle. Ask plenty of questions.

6) Allow for test drives

A test drive is what will really sell the vehicle. In order to remain safe while on a test drive, always let someone else know where you’re going and who you’ll be with.

7) Sell the car

This is the most important step, and it’s something that we know quite a bit about here at Fast Buy Cash for Cars. Make sure that the payment method is good to keep from getting swindled. It’s always a good idea to ask for a bank cashier’s check over a personal one, as these financial instruments are trustworthy. Once the payment is in your hand, sign the title and hand it over along with the keys. Congratulations – you’ve sold your car!