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4 Resources to Master How You Research Your Investments

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Your investment strategy shouldn’t rely on how you feel about a stock; you should incorporate the whole picture to make better investments. Once you’ve moved past investing in the “next big thing,” you should check out these resources to help you narrow your focus for in-depth research before investing.


AlphaTrackr is a fintech start-up that is making it easier to manage your portfolio across multiple services. Where the service shines are its fundamentals page each stock, showing you price history, income statement, balance sheet, and all the information you need to perform technical analysis. The latest news feed related to the stock is listed below the price movements and the dashboard even incorporates a StockTwits feed that gives you a general idea of the sentiment surrounding the company.


Finviz should be the browser start page for any serious trader. The service is designed to be a hub that gives you an overview of market performance with top gainers and losers listed. You can keep an eye on how each sector is performing, as well as get breaking news for any stocks in your portfolio. The individual stock page contains everything you need to perform a technical analysis of the stock, but it also includes a look at any insider trading the company has experienced according to SEC Form 4 filings. This look at insider trading, along with everything else, can help you get a better idea of how insiders feel about the company.

Finviz’s free service is excellent, but where it really shines is the Elite service that provides access to real-time and premarket data, advanced charts, and even backtests for your technical indicators. The free version of Finviz is delayed anywhere from three to five minutes, so day traders and swing traders will want the Elite service.


For cryptocurrency traders looking to keep an eye on the market, there’s no better tool than CoinMarketCap. It offers the most support for altcoins and offers tools to perform technical analysis on your favorite altcoins. You can even set up multiple watchlists to categorize your cryptocurrency interests. CoinMarketCap should be in your daily rotation even if your exchange provides these tools because it gives a look at the cryptocurrency market as a whole. It can help you decide which exchange to trade cryptocurrency on and analyze crypto performance across multiple exchanges.


Wallmine offers an alternative to Finviz that is completely free, though it doesn’t offer as many features as you’ll find available with Finviz. However, it’s one of the best free stock screener tools you can use while you’re learning the ropes. The site provides a breakdown of overall market performance, including a peek at the percentage of stocks that have hit new lows, new highs, trading below/above the 50-day moving average, and more. Individual stock pages offer much of the same information as Finviz, but drawing tools are included as part of the free package. In addition to insider trading listings, Wallmine also includes a look at all notable SEC filings a company makes.