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Like A Boss: 4 Perks Of Being In Charge

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to put your dreams to the test? So many people want to start a blog or open a business yet fall at the final hurdle. However, they don’t realize how close they are to career freedom. Creating a company, whatever it is, means you are the boss and get to set everything from workload to working hours. And, there are even more and even better reasons to be the person in charge.

Here are four perks which will make you want to walk into your manager’s office and hand in your resignation. Yes, even you guys that love their jobs!

The Theory Of Everything

As an employee, you only learn the skills which are essential to the role. Sure, you could brush up on research after work, but who has the time or energy? Being the leading man or woman in business means you have to have a finger in all the pies from accounting to efficiency. And, they are just the tip of the iceberg. On a good day, bosses must understand recruitment, how to handle employees and the best ways to conduct a business meeting. Is it any wonder online MA Education courses are getting increasingly popular? Even if the knowledge is basic, it’s interesting and engaging and that makes it enjoyable.

A Commuter’s Nightmare

You will become a commuter’s nightmare because they will look at you and think “I wish I had their job!” There is nothing worse than having to wake-up two hours early only to get ready and spend another thirty minutes on sweaty public transport. Ewwww. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about this any longer because your office is at home. It may be the bed, it may be the couch, it may be an office, but it doesn’t matter because it’s only a five-second commute away.

Work Around Life

Too many people build their life around work and suffer the consequences. Sure, some people may have great jobs with comfy wages, but there has to be a balance. What if you need to pick up the kids early one day, or you have to take a sick day? No one wants that held against them for the rest of their life because they put their family first. Unfortunately, bosses do expect workers to put the company first which is a problem. As the person in charge, you can drop everything at a moment’s notice without having to answer difficult questions.

Smiley Smilerson

Laughs in the office are like buses – wait long enough and two come at once. Still, it’s a long wait. Everyone should enjoy their job because it should be challenging and demanding. However, you don’t get to choose the topic as the employee and are at the mercy of your superiors. As a boss, the direction of the brand is at your digression, so everything you do should be interesting. If it isn’t, you can carve out a new lane, one that’s a thrill a minute.

Of course, there are negatives too, but most people prefer giving orders than following them.